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Angry Birds 2 - The Big War is the second film in the saga continuation of Angry Birds and Angry Birds - The Movie , and will be released in 2019. The next film is Angry Birds 3 - The Mystery Of Golden Eggs.


The Angry Birds are already tired of defending the eggs and home. Pigs notice this and create a great battle tank to destroy the home of Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds discover the plan and without having the slightest idea of ​​how to defend, flee into hiding, where they discover the Golden Eggs, which give them strength invincible.

After that they save Hal, Terence, Bubbles and Stella from the evil clutches of pigs.


  • Red - Red Bird
  • Chuck - Yellow Bird
  • Jay, Jake and Jim - Blue Birds
  • Bomb - Black Bird
  • Matilda - White Bird
  • Hal - Boomerang Bird
  • Terence - Big Brother Bird
  • Bubbles - Orange Bird
  • Stella - Pink Bird
  • Ann - Female Red Bird
  • Mighty Eagle
  • The Eggs
  • King Pig
  • Queen Pig
  • Fred - Freckled Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Foreman Pig
  • Chronicle Pig
  • Professor Pig
  • Minion Pigs
  • Chef Pig
  • Luke - Fred's Best Friend
  • Emma - Female Pig


Birds Intro:

Once you find the Golden Eggs Angry Birds run to defeat the pigs, the way they see it Hal, Terence, Bubbles and Stella were captured and saved.

In battle they are surrounded when a shadow passes super fast for them and defeat all the pigs (Mighty Eagle). In the end they discover the story of Terence and all other new members of The Flock.

Piggies Intro:

The pigs think of a new way to defeat the Angry Birds, and offer a reward for those who create a powerful weapon to defeat them.

Fred has the idea of ​​creating a large battle tank, which can get around by land, air and water.