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Angry Birds 3
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Windows Phone 8
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Switch

Release Date

December 11, 2019


Rovio Entertainment



Angry Birds 3 (formerly known as Angry Birds All-Out War) is a puzzle platformer game developed by Rovio Mobile, officially released on December 11, 2018, making it the 10-year anniversary of the original Angry Birds. The direct sequel to Angry Birds 2 utilizes new challenges such as airships, boss arenas, and a new bird known as TBA.

Similar to Angry Birds Star Wars II, it features the ability to side with either the Angry Birds or with the Bad Piggies, each with their own sets of playable characters and worlds. The game also reintroduces the use of "Telepods" plastic stands that enable players to import specific figures into the game, which can then be used in-game.


King Pig, tired of being defeated by the Angry Birds, comes up with a plan to get rid of them once and for all and take over the universe, so he orders General Pig and Mustache Pig to recruit all of the Bad Piggies from their previous attempts to steal the eggs first. The Angry Birds find out about this, so they come up with a plan to get help from their friends from their previous adventures. The birds and pigs, with everything they have, start an all-out war.


Main Article: Angry Birds 3/Characters

Playable Characters

Angry Birds

Bad Piggies


  • Golden Duck - It's Raining Ducks!
  • Blizzard - Turns Blocks into Ice
  • Hot Chili - The Heat is On!
  • Pig Inflater - Pumped Up Piggies!


  • Telepods
  • Power Potion (causes the current bird in the slingshot to grow larger and much more powerful: capable of defeating more and stronger walls before losing energy)
  • Birdquake/Pigquake (causes the ground to shake. Weak supporting walls will collapse by this quake and if it was the only walls to support the structure, may result in most of the structure collapsing as well)
  • King Sling (a metal slingshot with stronger rubber bands that provide a lot more power for bird launches, allowing them to fly further and faster)
  • Wingman (adds a Wingman character card to your card deck. He has the same abilities as normal Terence, except he's a little stronger)
  • Space Wingman (This power-up is only available in space-themed levels. It adds a Space Wingman character card to your card deck. His power is different from the normal Wingman, as he pull objects to him)
  • Samba Burst (adds a Samba Red character card to your card deck. He dances around the place, causing objects to scatter around. To use this bird, simply tap the power up button and tap the icon of Samba Red)
  • TNT Drop (TNT crates appear in random areas near the structure, fortified with metal to temporarily prevent the crates from exploding. If the structure is not stable, the TNT crates will fall with a parachute. Once the TNT crates lose their metallic fortifications, when a bird hits one of them, it causes more destruction to the structure)
  • Super Magnet (the character will hold this item. It will pull metal objects towards it, causing structures with metal to collapse)
  • Pig Puffer (inflates the pigs, causing some the structure to become unstable. The inflated pigs rise when underwater in Pig Dipper. Comically, if used on Corporal Pig, the helmet comes straight off)
  • Flock of Birds/Group of Pigs (clones your character by 5, with one staying the same and 4 smaller copies)

Non-Playable Characters

Alternate Forms

Note: They can only be accessed by Telepods or be bought as character cards in certain amounts with in-game currency at Mechanic Pig's Shop. They may or may not have different powers than their original forms.


  • Minion Pigs (Some wearing costumes with special abilities, to see a list of them click here)
  • Corporal Pig (extra protection)
  • Golden Pig (when destroyed, it instantly fills the Destruct-o-Meter)
  • Umbrella Pig (falls slowly and small protection)
  • Balloon Pig (after a while, he inflates a balloon that carries him around)
  • Rocket Pig (blasts upward when in danger, then parachutes down)
  • Snow Pig (shoots snowballs at incoming birds)
  • Construction Pig (lobs screwdrivers at the birds)
  • Polymorph Pig (fires purple dust clouds at your birds, turning it into a random object if hit by one)
  • Firefighter Pig (incinerates birds if they come too close)
  • Magician Pig (teleports to another location when in danger)
  • Chemist Pig (when popped, he changes all the blocks on the screen to one type)
  • Angry Pig (when popped, he explodes)
  • Swimmer Pig (floats on water)
  • Scuba Pig (does not drown)
  • Astronaut Pig (when popped, nearby pigs and blocks will be temporarily levitated into the air, and then dropped)
  • Beamer Pig (when a bird comes near, this pig will pull your bird towards him with a tractor beam)
  • Rogue Pig (when a bird comes near, this pig will whack your bird with its club)
  • Brute Pig (twice as strong as Corporal Pigs)


Airship Bosses

Arena Bosses

Final World Bosses

more coming soon... (THAT MEANS NO EDITING!)


  • It has the most playable characters of any Angry Birds game ever, excluding the Star Wars games.
  • The ability to play as pigs returns, making this the seventh Angry Birds game to play as pigs, after Angry Birds (King Pig mode), Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Star Wars II, Go!, Epic, and Transformers.
  • This is the first Angry Birds game since Angry Birds Space to feature Ice Bird.
  • Angry Birds 3 does not feature the lives system from Angry Birds 2 due to the negative reception against the lives system.
  • This is the second game to give Red a permanent ability.
  • Like Angry Birds 2, the birds have their Toons appearance.
  • Unlike Angry Birds 2, Hal retains his original Toons appearance.
  • This is the second Angry Birds game that allows pigs to directly combat birds. The first was Angry Birds Star Wars II.
  • This is the first Angry Birds game to have the characters speak. However, they only speak in cutscenes that are animated like the opening from Angry Birds 2. (Note: NO, their actors from The Angry Birds Movie will not return, so I'm getting new ones to fit the Angry Birds' personalities)