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This is a list of characters from the game Angry Birds 3.

Playable Characters

Angry Birds

Characters Ability Description
Red AB2


Shoots red soundwaves which can be used to topple structures "Leader of the Flock!"
Red is the first bird introduced in the game.

He is the main protagonist of the series, and has appeared in almost every game to date.

Bubbles front


Inflates to a large size, and then to deflate like a balloon, flying about until he becomes hurt "Inflation of Devastation!"
Bubbles is a candy-loving bird who can inflate like a balloon.
AB2 Chuck


Heavily speeds up when the screen is tapped "Good with Wood!"
Chuck is a canary who can heavily damage wood and can go very fast.
ABRio2 Sprites (Terence 1)


Huge strength and power to topple structures and towers "Big, Bad, Bold"
A large bird who can cause massive destruction. Also deals heavy damage to some bosses.
ABRio2 Sprites (Hal 1)


Comes back like a boomerang when activated "Angry Comeback"
Hal is a green toucan who can come back as if he were a boomerang.
AB2 TheBlues

Jay, Jake, & Jim

Splits into three small birds and slightly speeds up "Good with Ice!"
Jay, Jake, and Jim are triplets who can split into three. They do good damage to ice.
AB2 Silver


Does a 360-degree loop before violently crashing down on the ground "Looping Legend"
Silver is a gray falcon who can crash violently down on the ground. She does significant damage to stones and bosses.
Bomb AB2


Blowing up causing significant damage to structures "Explosive Temper..."
Bomb can blow himself up to deal large damage to structures, especially to stone blocks.
AB2 Matilda


Shoots egg bombs vertically downwards, while simultaneously propelling herself upward "Explosive Spirit!"
Matilda is a chicken who lays egg bombs that cause destruction and explosions to structures below.
Stella Happy


Trapping objects in bubbles, then lifting them up and dropping them. "Bubble Blower"
Stella is a pink bird who likes to blow bubbles. Her bubbles are able to trap pigs and other objects inside them.


Poisoning pigs with his spiked tail, causing them to incinerate within minutes. Bosses will not be incinerated instantly, but they will lose some health. "Toxic Threat!"
Frank is a purple bird who has a toxic spiky tail. He can use this to his advantage by poisoning pigs.


Summons the ghosts of the dead dodo birds, sending them to attack the pigs' structures. "Last of the Dodo Birds!"
Dodo is the only remaining dodo bird in existence who has prophetical powers, which is to summon the ghosts of dodo birds to attack structures.

Ice Bird

Freezes pigs and objects around him, and gets hurt in the process. "Galactic Frostbite"
Ice Bird is an extraterrestrial companion to the Flock and helps them on their adventures.


Flies off to wherever the player taps. "Raging Blossom!"
Ruby is the love interest of Red and helps out the flock on several occasions.

Bad Piggies

Characters Ability Description
King Pig AB3

King Pig

Rapidly hovers over the structures with his balloons once tapped. They can be popped, causing him to land onto the ground and cause a lot of damage to the structures. "King of the Baddies!"
King Pig is the first playable pig in the game.

He is the main antagonist of the series, and has appeared in almost every game to date.

Mustache Pig

Mustache Pig

Launches three dynamite sticks that will explode upon seconds, causing damage to nearby structures. "Mustached Commander"
Mustache Pig is one of King Pig's minions and one of the few second-in-commands of the Bad Piggies.
General Pig

General Pig

Summons three helmets and uses them as shields, blocking the birds' attacks and damaging nearby structures, destroying the helmets in the process. "General of the Baddies!"
General Pig is the general of the Bad Piggies and is one of the second-in-commands.

Dr. Pig

Brings out a flamethrower, burning wooden structures and enemies in the process. "Mad Scientist!"
Dr. Pig is the mad scientist of the Bad Piggies and is one of the second-in-commands.

Chef Pig

Creates a tornado, sending it forward in a direct line before himself. Any bird and structure that is hit by the tornado is blown away. "???"
Chef Pig is the chef of the Bad Piggies and is one of the second-in-commands.
Alien Pig

Alien Pig

Uses his third eye to pull objects and birds towards him, and then drops them. "Galactic Menace!"
Alien Pig is a pig-like alien from outer space who helps the Bad Piggies fight the Angry Birds.
Porky - Bad Piggies 2


Once tapped, he flies on a rocket which explodes on contact. When Ross isn't tapped, he activates a boxing glove from a red box that can easily damage wood and glass, as well as hurting enemies. "Piggy Pilot!"
Ross is one of King Pig's minions who is a pilot in the Piggy Air Force.
Minion Pig

Minion Pigs

Splits into five pigs and attacks the structures "Common Soldier of the Troops!"
The Minion Pigs are the basic troopers of the Bad Piggies.
Helmet Pig

Helmet Pigs

Same as General Pig, but with half the strength of his abilities. "Troopers with Helmets"
The Corporal Pigs are the helmet-wearing troopers of the Bad Piggies.


Phasing through solid objects and attacking birds "The Brave Piggy Soldier"
Hambo is a soldier of the Bad Piggies who is brave and tough.

Big Bork

Once tapped, he teleports into the background and grows into 3 times the size he was, and sucks in the birds and structures he sees (the are that you tap at), and spits some of the said stuff out. "Galactic Devourer!"
As ravenous as he is disgusting, Big Bork is a pig from outer space who combs the universe looking for cosmic food to continually increase his size.

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