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"They hatched into the wrong hands…"

Angry birds 3
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Rovio & Activison

Release date

2 may 2016



Angry Birds 3 is set on the egg triplet's birthday. The egg triplets are Reddy, Rosa & Speedy. The flock was having a great time until the pigs came & kidnapped the egg triplets. The Bird squad had to get them back before the pigs ate them for dinner...

Bird squad[]

The bird squad is basically another flock.

The members of the Bird squad are Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, Silver, Howell [Hal], Reddy, Rosa & Speedy


Cards are back.

Returning birds from the bird squad have brand new powers!


All 8 members of the bird squad get a special power here theyre listed

Red: While launching tap Red to summon the blues to help out

Stella: Tap Stella to transform her self into a bubble to bounce around areas

Silver: While ready to launch tap Silver to teleport to a location

Chuck: Tap chuck while in the air to go 3x as fast

Howell: Tap to take a big bite out of a pig!

Reddy: Makes a Cuteness wave when taped at

Rosa: Explodes into cuteness bubbles when tapped

Speedy: Tap to go 2x as fast as any other bird as well 2x damage!


Bomb is now an upgrade if you purchase him he blows up every

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single pig & makes you pass the level with 3 stars!