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Angry Birds 3: Not the Pigs, the Horses is exactly what it sounds like: the 3rd Angry Birds game with Horses as bad guys instead of pigs. There are 8 worlds(including the bonus world), 20 levels each(except for the bonus world, which has 8 levels), and some new bird colours.


World 1-Pig World[]

In this world, the starting cutscene is the pigs stealing the eggs. The White bird lays many eggs, and new Angry Bird colours come out! The objective is to kill all of the pigs.

World 2-Ice World[]

In this world, there are lots of Teal Birds, and a mix of Pigs and Horses appear. The starting cutscene is the Horses talking to the pigs and the pigs working for the horses.

Bird Colours[]

  • Red Birds, which are normal birds.
  • Blue Birds, which split into 3 when the screen is tapped.
  • Yellow Birds, which go really fast and cut through wood when the screen is tapped..
  • Black Birds, which explode when the land.
  • White Birds,which drops an egg bomb when landed.
  • Bommerang Birds,which turns directions when the screen is tapped.
  • Big Brother Birds, which are stronger than Blue Birds.
  • Teal Birds, which spreads water around the building to crash the building and drown the pigs.
  • Orange Birds, which inflates in 2 seconds.
  • Copy Birds, which copy any Bird's abilities.
  • Tsunami Birds, which spreads earthquake.
  • Chrome Birds,which drops an Chrome logo bomb,then explodes.