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Angry Birds: 5 []

Angry Birds: 5 Angry Birds. 5 is an upcomming game in the Angry Birds series. The game foucuses on the Bird (again) scaning un-hatched eggs, but this time the Birds are going to extreme distances to get them.


Red Bird- Screams "craw craw".

Blue Bird- Splits into three.

Yellow Bird- Speed boost.

Chicken- Slightly stronger than the Red Bird.

Lavender Bird- Inflates then explodes.

Black Bird- Acts as an bomb.

White Bird- Drops egg bombs.

Charcoal Bird- Burns througth Objects and Pigs.

Fire Bird- Shoots fire.

Boomerang Bird- Acts as an boomerang.

Double Boomerang Bird - Can use Boomerang Bird's power up to 2 times.

Crow- Swoops down from the sky.

Big Brother Bird- A lot stronger than the Red Bird.

Gold Bird- Shoots powerful rays.

Fire Mighty Eagle- Kills all pigs and burns up structure; Cost $0.33

Toku Bird-Flys across.

Turquoise Bird- Can change direction it is going.

Violet Bird- Destroys several amount of materials at once.

Torpedo Bird- Acts as an torpedo.

Nyan Cat-Chomps up the whole strucere.

Pikachu-No power

Ice Bird -it acts like a red bird for pigs but its the only bird that can kill a flaming pig)

Halo Bird -satan pigs weakness he takes 20 halo birds to kill)

Nuke Bird -can destroy most pigs)

Dragon Slayer Bird -dragon rider pigs weakness takes 15 dragon slayer birds to kill)

Fire Bird -yeti pigs weakness takes 3 fire birds to kill)

Black Hole Bird -kills the pig ship instantly because it summons a black hole)

Bomb Bird -areo plane bomber pigs weakness takes 10 bomb birds to kill)

Hypno Bird -any pig that gets touched by this will warp to your sling shot each pig does the damage of a red bird no matter what its size is

Lime Bird -He destroys all pigs in the structure he lands on. He is so far the most powerful bird in Angry Birds.

Purple Bird -When the screen is tapped he opens his beak and eats any pig he hits.


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Giant Pig

Helmet Pig

Mustache Pig

King Pig

Queen pig

Winged pig


1.The New Begining 2-20

2.Where is a egg go? 2-25

3.Eggs and bacon 3-18

4.Holy Crap! is The Machine Guns! 3-22

5.The Revenge the king of the pigs 4-18

6.Final Battle 4-24


Red Bird is angry with birds because of their failure of scaning the eggs. Red Bird then unleashes his best plan so far...

Unlocked Birds[]

Raindow Bird - Can turn all the colors!

Raining Bird- Destroys several amount of pigs at once.

And More Birds

All the bonus birds can be unlocked with a special code, or can be obtained by an app purchase.