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For information on the original version made by Redbird07, see Angry Birds 64.
Angry Birds 64 DS





Release Date

July 8, 2016 (Wii U, PS4, & Xbox One)
November 10, 2017 (Switch)


3D Platformer


Wii U
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch



Angry Birds 64 DS is a game created by UUnlockedMario As one would tell by the name, it is based on Super Mario 64 DS. Ironically enough, the game was not released for the Nintendo DS.


Stella has decided to invite Red, Chuck, and Bomb to the Golden Island, because she apparently baked a cake for them. Oddly enough, the rest of the flock were not invited for whatever reason. They arrive, in their movie forms, at the island soon enough, and make their way to the giant treehouse. Meanwhile, Piggy McCool is seen sleeping at a nearby tree the entire time.

However, he is soon awoken by a Bee Critter holding a filming camera, who reveals that the flock has been gone for a long time. After being transformed into his movie form, Piggy decides to go search for them. He tries to enter the treehouse, but the doors are locked. The Bee Critter tells him that he saw a rabbit with a key. After catching the rabbit, it gives Piggy the key. Upon entering the treehouse, Piggy is greeted by another Bee Critter, who tells him that the Bad Piggies have kidnapped the main flock and Stella, and have stolen the 150 Golden Eggs. The Bee Critter also states that he and the other Bee Critters were unable to enter the paintings. Piggy decides to investigate the treehouse, and eventually starts collecting Golden Eggs in the paintings.



Listed below are the game's basic controls and essential moves.

Action Wii U PlayStation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
Move Control stick L3 Left stick Left stick
Jump B X A B
Attack A Circle B A
Dash Y Square X Y
Zoom In/Out X Triangle Y X
Crouch ZR R2 Right trigger ZR
Reset camera ZL L2 Left trigger ZL
Pause Start Options Menu Plus button
Run Control stick + Y L3 + Square Left stick + X Left stick + Y
Ground pound B + ZR X + R2 A + Right trigger B + ZR
Backflip ZR + B R2 + X Right trigger + A ZR + B
Long jump Control stick + ZR + B L3 + R2 + X Left stick + Right trigger + A Left stick + ZR + B
Triple jump Control stick + B + B + B L3 + X + X + X Left stick + A + A + A Left stick + B + B + B

Playable characters[]

In order for the player to 100% complete the game, they must find all unlockable characters. Each character has their own special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Name Description How to Unlock Stats
Piggy McCool


The first and default character of the game. Piggy McCool must find the flock, who have been imprisoned by the Bad Piggies, or so it seems. He has decent speed in both running and swimming, and has excellent jumping. He can also perform a flutter jump, reaching higher places that the others cannot. However, he cannot punch or kick, nor can he grab large objects and enemies. Additionally, his ground pound isn't strong enough to break any brick blocks. Instead, he can lash out his "beak" to grab and wrangle enemies, and turn them into a throwable Golden Pig Machine. Default Power 0/5
Speed (run) 4/5
Speed (swim) 3/5
Jump 5/5

ABMovie RedArmCrossed

Red is trapped behind a door by Cap'n Cluck. The player must find a door with a number 8 on it, the amount of Golden Eggs required to unlock said door. After hopping into the Red painting, the player must locate Cap'n Cluck. Upon locating him, a boss battle will ensue. After Cap'n Cluck is defeated, a key with three red feathers will appear. The player then must return to the character switch room, and unlock Red's room to free him. He is the most balanced character, having 3/5 in all of his stats. Unlocking Red is mandatory, as he is the only character who can enter the final level, and by extension, fight the true final boss. Defeat Cap'n Cluck in Cap'n Cluck Countdown as Piggy McCool Power 3/5
Speed (run) 3/5
Speed (swim) 3/5
Jump 3/5


TBA Defeat Mort in Mort Melee as Red Power 2/5
Speed (run) 5/5
Speed (swim) 5/5
Jump 3/5


TBA Defeat Constrictor in Constrictor Combat as Chuck Power 4/5
Speed (run) 2/5
Speed (swim) 5/5
Jump 2/5


TBA Power 3/5
Speed (run) 2/5
Speed (swim) 2/5
Jump 4/5
The Blues

2-The Blues

TBA Power 1/5
Speed (run) 4/5
Speed (swim) 2/5
Jump 4/5


TBA Power 5/5
Speed (run) 1/5
Speed (swim) 1/5
Jump 1/5

Silverr kopia - Edited

TBA Power 2/5
Speed (run) 4/5
Speed (swim) 3/5
Jump 5/5


Main NPCs[]


  • Nigel: The evil cockatoo has returned as the boss of Marmoset Mountain. He will attack the player by swooping down on them, being vulnerable when he is low. He can also summon Marmosets, which can be thrown back at him.
  • Mustachio: King Pig's right-hand pig who can only say his name appears as the boss of the aptly-named Mustachio's Outpost. He is larger than normal, thanks to the power of the Golden Eggs. He attacks the player by throwing TNT, and attempting to stomp on them. While he is performing his stomp, the player should attack his other, idle foot, which causes them to fall over. After ground pounding his belly three times, he is defeated.
  • Colonel Monster: A robotic vampire created 5000 years ago, who is the boss of Colonel Monster's Castle.
  • Crazy the Clown: A giant, disembodied clown head with detached hands, who is the boss of Crazy Chaos Carnival.
  • Prince Swinubis: An undead, mummified pig who is the boss of Dry Ruined Desert.
  • Helmet: King Pig's general appears as the boss of Piggy Harbor.


  1. Marmoset Mountain
  2. Mustachio's Output
  3. South Beach
  4. Frostbite Mountains
  5. Colonel Monster's Castle
  6. Crazy Chaos Carnival
  7. Deep Confusing Cave
  8. Blistering Lava Lake
  9. Dry Ruined Desert
  10. Piggy Harbor
  11. Sweet Sweet Gorge
  12. Honeycomb Treetop
  13. Toy Toggle Town
  14. Gear Grind Clockworks
  15. Sky Castle Courtyard


  • This is the first Angry Birds game where Red is playable, but not the starter character.
  • Piggy McCool having the ability to flutter can be considered ironic, since he is not a bird.