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Goggle Bird

Goggles is found in this Episode

In This Story, Goggles is First Discovered On the Beach. He is Damaged Heavily, a bird finds him, and keeps him Safe. but life isnt easy for chicks! the Pigs Take him and Try to cook him, the birds are trying to save him from being eaten!


  1. Goggles Without Goggles: Beach Of Angry Birds Island
  2. Chick to Go: Restaurant
  3. A New Breed:Lab
  4. Chick of Morn: Morning
  5. New Arrivals: Nesting House

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Available Birds[]

Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

White Bird

Black Bird

Boomerang Bird

Helicopter Bird

White Goggle Bird

Green Goggle Bird

Brown Goggle Bird

Purple Goggle Bird

Pink Goggle Bird

Black Goggle Bird

Yellow Goggle Birds