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Back and Forth[]

Hal made Angry Birds BaF to show his new power, Beak Tornado.

Hakbiter Image

Hakbiter Vs. King Draco Pig

Birds (Pigs)[]

The Blues- Split into 3

Chuck- Speed boost

Matilda- Lay egg bombs (or golden eggs)

Red- Whistle Terence for help

Hal's New Power

Hal's Beak Tornado.

Kristina (Prickly Bird)- Shoot spikes everywhere

Scolering Pig- Drop Bowling Balls

Kaiju Birds- Eat Pig Jaegers

Terence- Throw device that attracts Mighty Eagle

The Terences- Destroys the level. One level per use.

King Pig- Puts Pumps on birds to inflate them.

Decoy Pig/Bird - Fools Pig/Birdwatchers.

Unicron mini comic

Unicron Mini Comic

Optimus Bird- Slices Pigs to vaporize

Megatron Pig- Shoots lasers to kill birds

The Unicron- Deletes all Transformer birds/pigs and destroys the level.

Hakbiter- Same as old Hakbiter

Hal- Beak Tornado

The God- Bird/Pig Rain!

The BaFA Train[]

You can get powerups a day with the BaFA Train!

How to get: 30 Angry Dollars


Mighty Sun Bird- Unlocks all levels on that area. 9000 angry dollars.

Piggy Cooking- Distracts Birdwatchers with Chef Pig's yummy Boneburgers. 50 angry dollars (10) packs

Tail Grabber- Kills birds or pigs with Chucks smelly birdpits 30 ad= 50 packs

Angry Bird Kit[]

Bird Splash

Red bird Shower

Boomerang Shower

Bird Directory[]

Bird Combiner 3000

Chainsaw Bird

Pineapple,durian,kiwi,blueberry bird

Red's Best Moment

Other Angry Birds Links[]

Angry Birds Justice League

Angry Birds 8-Blue Breakdown

Star Meter[]

10 stars = 1 Unicron and 3 The Terences

50 stars= 1 Ticket to Rio (see down)

100 stars= 1 Ticket to Tatooine (see down down)

900 stars=10 Unicrons and 5 Birdies

The Visiting Machine[]

Rio- Help Blu, Jewel and the Bird Gang to defeat evil! (not.)

Back N' Forth- Help Hal and Hakbiter defeat Boomerang Pigs in their homeworld!

Bickering Boston- Help Terence defeat the Obese Pigs and King Overweight Pig.

Poppy Universe- Help Stella and Bubbles in defeating Bubble Pigs  and Bubble King of Pigs.

Bird Bang- Help Matilda and Bomb defeat pigs in their homeworld.

Hell- Defeat King Devil Pig in order to be a VIP.