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Angry Birds All Stars! (ComboLuigi2000) is a is a Finnish cartoon series on YouTube that is based off the Angry Birds franchise. It is very similar to Angry Birds Toons, however, unlike Angry Birds Toons, this show will have a few new characters and it is also slightly longer.


Episode  No. Title Card Episode Name Description Airdate on YouTube
0 (Coming Soon) Rough Flight Red decides to start a theatre with the flock. However, things are not going well for them. May 9, 2021
1 (Coming Soon) War of Pranks Bomb tries to play a prank on Chuck like he always does. But Chuck keeps on getting sick and tired so he decides to do a prank war with him. May, 11, 2021

Vocal Cast

  • Antti Pääkkönen: Red, Blaser, King Pig, Minion Pigs
  • Antti LJ Pääkkönen: Chuck, Matilda, Corporal Pig, Minion Pigs, Bubbles
  • Heljä Heikkinen and Lynne Guaglione: Jay, Jake, and Jim
  • Pasi Ruohonen: Bomb, Hal
  • Rauno Ahonen: Moustache Pig, Garretto, Icebomb
  • Heljä Heikkinen: Terence, Stella, Silver
  • Aku Laitinen: Chef Pig, Plum
  • Ilmari Hakkola, Salla Hakkola, Kim Helminen, Antti Kemppainen, Ida Koivisto, Eero Koivunen, Mika Niinimaa, Mikko Paju, Johanna Raman and Sami Timonen: Crowd of Minion Pigs





You may add your own birds/pigs down here! Just remember:

  • No humans, elephants, potatoes, e.t.c. that do not relate to Angry Birds.
    • It can be a user, but if your character is not a bird or a pig, it must appear as a cameo.

That's all!


  • Artic is called "Arctic" in this game, just so that his name is spelt correctly.


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