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Angry Birds Aquatic is a game that will be rereleased in January 2021. It was made by AngerTech INC. and is a partnership with Sea World.


The birds where resting peacefully by the ocean with their eggs. Suddenly, a huge tentacle came out of a whirlpool, and grabbed the birds and their eggs! Once the tentacle dropped the birds, they realized it didn't drop the egg with them! Welp, here we go again!!


The game is a classic slingshot game but its underwater like piglantis on AB seasons or those Character levels on ABSW2


  1. Coral Reefs
  1. Polluted Waters

I have not thought of all the names yet, so wait until I am finished


Bird Name Power Unlocked
Auqa red
Aqua Red Makes a soundwave, blowing pigs and blocks. Coral Reefs

Coming soon

Chuck (name coming soon) Speeds up when the screen is tapped Coral Reefs
Squid bomb
Squid bomb BOOMs  coming soon

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