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Angry Birds Arcade is a puzzle platformer game developed by Rovio which serves as an arcade counterpart of Angry Birds 2.


Angry Birds Arcade is an arcade game which plays similarly to Angry Birds 2, especially the Arena up to Version 2.3.0. Players must pop all the Pigs in many rooms as they can with cards. If the player runs out of cards and the pigs are still in the room, it will result in a Game Over and the game ends in success, leading some tickets being rewarded.




  • Golden Duck - It's Raining Ducks!
  • Blizzard - Turns Blocks into Ice
  • Hot Chili - The Heat is On!
  • Pig Inflater - Pumped Up Piggies!
  • Mighty Eagle - Enough Said!


  • Minion Pigs (Some wearing costumes with special abilities, to see a list of them click here)
  • Helmet Pig (extra protection)
  • Golden Pig (when destroyed, it instantly fills the Destruct-o-Meter)
  • Umbrella Pig (falls slowly and small protection)
  • Rocket Pig (blasts upward when in danger, then parachutes down)
  • Balloon Pig (after a while, he inflates a balloon that carries him around)
  • Construction Pig (lobs screwdrivers at the birds)
  • Wizard Pig (uses his wand to shoot projectiles)
  • Hunter Pig (transforms the birds into various objects, from blocks to even pigs)
  • Fireman Pig (incinerates Birds if they come too close)
  • Magician Pig (teleports to another location when in danger)
  • Chemist Pig (when popped, he changes all the blocks on the screen to one type)
  • Explosive Pig (when popped, he explodes)
  • Scuba Diver Pig (does not drown in water)