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Angry Birds Archipelago is a 3D game Nintendo Switch exclusive game by Rovio Entertainment and Nintendo. It is a "crossover" between the main Angry Birds games and Angry Birds: The World of Chuck. The main idea of this game and graphics are inspired by Super Mario Odyssey.


Piggy Island

The first cutscene of the game begins with a shot of Piggy Island, it then quickly zooms in on Pig City Harbor, where Foreman Pig is building a large boat for a new plan to steal the eggs, two pigs are amazed by this and hop inside the boat. Foreman Pig then gathers all the Minion Pigs in Pig City for the plan. When the pigs arrive at Cobalt Plateaus, they quickly steal the eggs and head off to different islands to distract the birds. Red notices this and gets angry, and then gathers his flock to retrieve the eggs on an exciting archipelago adventure. The problem is, they're slingshot has been damaged by the pigs so it can't fling as far.

Luckily, Chuck decides to make a raft, but he needs:

  • 5 square logs
  • 2 bamboo sticks
  • A ragcloth
  • A desk fan
  • Fruit (revealed once you collect all of the above)

Red (who you play as) goes around the island collecting said media. Once done, Red and Chuck set sail.

Brookport Minor

Bourke and Karla cower on shock as Foreman Pig attacks the island. Red and Chuck arrive and recruit Chuck's Flock. They then travel to Peckipig Hill and fight Foreman Pig who is in a mech with other pigs. Once defeated, the mech explodes. The explosion is so powerful, it blows Foreman Pig to King Porkenswothy's Castle on Brookport Major. The birds go after him.

Brookport Major

King Porkensworthy notices Foreman Pig in his castle and additionally notices he looks like him, so he shows him his mech, and Foreman Pig likes it.

When the birds get to Brookport Major, they bombard Porkensworthy's Castle and defeat the two guards. When they find King Porkensworthy, he says "Another little birdy told me you want your beloved eggs, but I say otherwise". He then tells Foreman Pig to go to another island while he fights them. He sets of a trap door for himself and pops back up. This is because of a trampoline on top of a third mech. After closing the glass head of the mech and bumping his face on it, he imprisons Damian, Junior, Anton and the slingshot in the mech. After pushing buttons inside the mech with the birds' powers in Slingshot Mode. Red gets the Slingshot and puts it in the glass head of the mech. He then slings at the mech's chest to make it explode. The birds then go to Tropical Island to head after Foreman Pig.

Tropical Island

The inhabitants of the island are enjoying their lives in their tropical paradise. However, Foreman Pig arrives for fuel, destroying the island. When he gets coconut water off of someone and fuel his mech, he notices a egg. He grabs the egg but it hatches, and the hatchling that was in the egg went for the foot of the mech and makes it explode, causing a turbine to come out of it. The inhabitants of Tropical Island start shooing Foreman Pig away, and he heads off to Deserted Island. The birds arrive at the island and see the damage Foreman Pig has done.

The birds decide to help the inhabitants restore Tropical Island to how it used to be before Foreman Pig showed up. Bomb sees that Deserted Island is very hot, and if the flock wanted to go there, they would need to go after the turbine to cool down. Surrounding the turbine is a wall of palm trees that have fallen down. Stella suggests to fly over the wall with the slingshot, but they dropped it at sea, and if they want it back, they must confront pirate pigs. After confronting the pirates, they get their slingshot back and fling themselves over the wall, but Terence smashes the wall. When the birds get to the turbine, pigs emerge from the sand and challenge the birds to a game of Compete with the Coconuts, where the birds fling themselves at coconuts, and they is no limit to how many birds you use. But the pigs do the same with other coconuts. Whoever knocks out all the coconuts first win. The birds win, take the turbine, and go to Snowy Island because "it will help the turbine cool down the birds more efficiently", as a Tropical Island inhabitant states.

Snowy Island

The flock are sailing, Hal and Matilda are now sitting on the turbine which is tied to a rope in which Bourke is holding. The screen then cuts to Junior and Anton sitting on Terence observing icebergs. Terence starts shivering and Junior falls off and onto Bourke, who lets go of the rope. Junior tries to get the rope but freezes in the water. One of The Blues gets him out of the water. However, no one has control over Matilda and Hal, who hit a glacier, the flock do the same, and get off the raft.

The flock need to get permaice for the turbine, and go up a few slopes to get to the Penguin Igloo Village, where they ask for the location of the permaice. Unfortunately, the village has been taken over by pirate pigs, and has been renamed to Pigloo Village. The birds decide to bombard the pirate ship and climb the mountain in which the captain is on. The captain decides to challenge the birds to Compete with the Coconuts but with snowmen and a boss fight. The birds defeat the captain and gain privileges to the permaice to power the turbine. Then, they all go to Deserted Island.


The game is divided into two elements, Explore Mode and Slingshot Mode. Explore Mode involves moving around using the joystick and explore islands. Slingshot Mode is based off and resembles the original Angry Birds gameplay.



  1. Piggy Island
  2. Brookport Minor
  3. Brookport Major
  4. Tropical Island
  5. Snowy Island
  6. Deserted Island
  7. Rainforest Island
  8. Mountain Island
  9. Sky Island
  10. Paint Island
  11. Electric Island
  12. Bird Island
  13. Candy Island
  14. Underwater Island
  15. Mine Island
  16. Forest Island
  17. City Island
  18. Random Island
  19. Magma Island
  20. King Pig Island
  • BONUS: Bouncy Island


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