Angry Birds Battle Suits is the game that Angry Birds and Pigs using Battle Suits from Bakugan Series to fight Mechtavius Destoryer

Birds-Battle Suits

Red Bird - Defentrix

Blue Bird (1) - Blasterade

Blue Bird (2) - Clawblurk

Blue Bird (3) - Fortotan

Yellow Bird - Fortotan

Black Bird - Combustoid

White Bird - Doomtronic

Boomerang Bird - Blasterade

Orange Bird - Blasterade

Fire Bird - Doomtronic

Ice Bird - Blasterade

Laser Bird - Blasterade

Atomic Bird - Doomtronic

Drill Bird - Fortotan

Sun Bird - Doomtronic

Moon Bird - Doomtronic

Star Bird - Blasterade

Mighty Eagle - All (Battle Suits are on his body)(Doomtronic on chest,Clawblurk and Fortotan on back feather,Defentrix on his body,Blasterade and Combustoid on his back) he can only purchase to use him

Pigs-Battle Suits

Small Pig,Medium Pig,Large Pig,Giant Pig - Doomtronic

Armor Pig - Blasterade

Mustache Pig - Fortotan

King Pig - Combustoid

Mighty Pig - All (Battle Suits are on his body)


Angry Birds and Pigs lives on island good until Mechtavius Destoryer has invade island. Angry Birds finds the Battle Suits and let pigs wear them to fight Mechtavius Destroyer. Later,Red Bird,Yellow Bird and Boomerang fused to be Angry Birds Destroyer and defeat Mechtavius Destroyer


Battle Suits

Last Battle

Angry Birds Destroyer!

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