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For the prequel to this game, see Angry Birds Blues: The Game
Angry Birds Blues: The Second Game (A.K.A. Angry Birds Blues: Avenge the Fallen) is a game released on the platforms iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox and Wii U. This game is the sequel of Angry Birds Blues: The Game and the psuedo-sequel of Angry Birds: Out of Darkness. The returning birds from the original game are The Blues, Bubbles, Silver, Garretto, Plum, Tony, Luca, The Hatchlings and Reece. The new birds are Janet, Gelatin, Blake, Olive Blue, Greg Blue, Jerry, Barry, Blaser and Cloudifer.


In Bird Island, The Blues, The Hatchlings, Bubbles, Silver, Garretto and Plum were having a fun time in Olive's house. The Blues, Bubbles, Silver and the Hatchlings were just playing around, Whilst Garretto and Plum were trying Olive Blue's homemade drinks, Greg Blue was cooking some seedburgers However, something wild happened in the midst, the sky turned dark and the pigs are invading the island, but there where more, suddenly, the birds get captured. Luckily, The Blues break free out of their cage, on a wild adventure.


The Gameplay is like your average, Angry Birds slingshot style game. However, there are variants of pigs, some will have different attacks too. The birds are by choice, but the birds will be chosen randomly from the counter. You get six slots for birds at the beginning of the level and you get extra birds by earning more XP, you have a limited number of birds so use them wisely! Also, you can upgrade the slingshot by changing the sling, giving it more elasticity so that the birds can do more damage, and you can even change the material of the slingshot, which can do some cool stuff!



  • ! - Not Obtainable in this Update
Bird Name Ability Info
JJJCL2000 The Blues (Jim, Jake, and Jay) The Blues will come as one, but they'll split into three when launched from the sling! Their ability is to speed up when the screen is tapped. Smart and Sneaky!

You could say The Blues are three peas in a pod,you'll never know what wacky things can happen when they are around! They look very small in size, but their pranking potiential is over the roof! Their pranks always end in chaos, and especially with them getting into big trouble. However, they can also be great problem-solvers with things big or small. (IF they are determined, though.)

BubblesNEW Bubbles Bubbles inflates to a gargantuan size, pushing towers and pigs out of the way! He then deflates, or you can tap him to make him pop, causing some damage around him. Devastation Inflation!

Bubbles is a very cute balloon like bird. But since the loss of Hal, Gummi and Callahan, he's gotten more angier and determined. He's a candyholic, he has a stash of candy, but if anyone touches it or steals it... he'll go inflato-mode on them! So don't mess with him or his candy, he means business!

Silver AB2 Silver Silver loops fiercely and then slams down to give those pigs a big surprise! She's useful in breaking stone. Fierce Falcon!

Silver is a joker with a weird sense of humor. I gues that phrase "Every cloud has a silver lining" comes from. She's a great flier and she wishes to be a pilot one day! She's a good friend of the Blues, like them, she's just as big as a prankster, ya know? She's very goofy, maybe because she was raised by the pigs, but now she's come to the flock for a better life.

JanetCL2000 Janet Throws three homing flower shurikens that aim for the strongest enemy. You can use these to damage multiple enemies too! Blue Bloom!

Janet is a sweet hearted and caring bird, she's always kind to help out and she's gentle. For example, one time she helped Olive to set up for New Year's Eve. HOWEVER, that does not mean that Janet is all birds and butterflies! She's adventurous and smart as well, making a good martial artist and will she can be explosive at times. The moral here is that no one should EVER never mess with Janet!

GarrettoToonsRedesigned Garretto Garretto can drill through blocks, you can adjust the direction that Garretto is drilling in, and instead of dropping when hitting a block he can't drill, he will drill through it, but slowly. Drilling Depths!

Garretto is an expert miner who has a collection of gems. He mines for a living, but thanks to his sharpened beak, he can convert stone into pieces in nano-seconds. He's very angry because many birds have already been gone. Garretto is a friend of the Blues, and he acts like a baby-sitter for them. They're best friends. Garretto could be even considered a "Fourth Blue" to them. These four make an unstoppable team!

Transparent ab blues 2 gelatin
Gelatin Gelatin can rebound off the ground and walls, due to his extreme bouncy-ness! That doesn't end there! He can split to two small birds, and those birds split into four, and those birds pop with a jelly burst! Extremely Wobbly!

Boing, boing! Gelatin is a wiggly and bouncy bird! He was made by Chef Pig (accidentally) when he was making the main dessert for the hungry hatchlings: Jelly! Chef Pig added Super Bird Power Baking Soda. Gelatin was thus created and he joined the flock later onwards! Gelatin is friends with Chef Pig as he helps him with his cooking, As you can see this bird is a very jolly jelly bird!

BlakeABBTSGOFDCL2000 Blake Blake Will use His Teleportation Powers To Create 2 Portals To Teleport From One Portal To Another. Portal Craze!

He Was There One Look Away Then He's Gone! The Next Thing He's Behind You! How Can He Do That!? You Ask? Well Blake Has Portal Gun Powers! Just Like The Blues He Likes To Prank Pigs And Birds Using His Ability!

ABSeasonsBlueTerence (Transparent) Tony Tony's ability is to smash down with his obesity, doing some extreme damage, this makes it good for smashing pigs below it and works really well with ice layers. Frosty Friend...or we can't really tell.

Tony is Terence's cousin that lives in Finland! He makes visits to Piggy Island to visit Terence and as you can see, they are both very alike. Big eyebrows, wrecking-ball like form and a menacing stare. Terence loves going to Tony's house to fish, take a seat in their cabin near a campfire and sitting in the steaming water doing absolutely nothing. But no matter what it is, they are the best of cousins together!

PlumToonsRedesigned Plum Plum flies in a straight line, defying gravity as he breaks through the blocks. Useful if you want to try to hit something at a high level. Sciency Squawker!

Plum is a purple bird that is full of knowledge that used to live in Golden Island. He studies different kinds of science such as chemistry, physics and biology. He used to be taught by Dahlia, but he left due to Gale's chaotic nonense. Now he's with the flock where he happily lives. Studying physics for a long time, he has found the answer to defying gravity. Despite his scienciness, he may not look like a fighter, but think again, he's pretty sure to make some porkchops within seconds!

SpiritCallahanABB2CL2000 Callahan Callahan makes a -45 angle dive, and then dives out. This doesn't damage blocks, but it still does some pig poppin' damage. Pelican Phantom!

This spirit may be spooky, but he's got lots of jokes under his sleeve! He used to live in a village in All Terra and was saved by Bubbles. After the recent cow attack, he died, and Holly misses him a lot. He lives in the mansion placed over his village and roams in there. Shortly after, Callahan went to another mansion, and joined the other spirits. The Blues found him since Silver dropped down into a random trapdoor, now he's banging with The Blues' Flock!

Cloudnimbus (1) Cloudifer Cloudifer uses her thunder rage to make lightning strike at 4 random locations Bird of Wind!

Cloudifier is a shy bird and according to the Blues, she has an "infinite blush". She is always bashful when it comes to being involved, especially when it's about Reece, as she has a crush on him. Only Rainbow, Matilda, Bounci and Stella know about it and some people make fun of her mainly for her attraction to Reece. Cloudifer never actually knew about her origins due to her amnesia and tries to figure it out for herself. When alone, Cloudifer has a tendency to sing, well, Rainbow does make this a partially false statement, appearing at the designated time.


Pig Name Ability Info
MinionPigToons Minion Pig Minion Pigs can be found very commonly in the midsts of Piggy Island. They can't do much, but they are a bigger threat in groups! Pig Problem!

Those curly tailed, green snouted Minion Pigs are everywhere! Basically, all of the townspeople in Pig City, are Minion Pigs, because King Pig is greedy and he wants every-pig to work for him.

220px Bamboomerang Pig Bamboomerang Pigs throw mildly damaging boomerangs that come back when thrown, doing some extra damage to your feathered friends. A Throwback Joke!

Bamboomerang Pig loves to go and cut down some bamboos to make nice boomerangs that he uses to attack birds and show off to other pigs. He fails due to his clumsiness sometimes, but that ain't something that will stop him! He will keep on trying until he knows all of the tricks in town. He was competing with a boomerang bird and they were both fierce rivals...

RoguePigCL2000 Rogue Pig Rogue Pigs wield a wooden bat, and they'll use it to smack your birds away as hard as they can! Snouted Scoundrel!

These Rogues are a mischevious gang, those pigs would smack any bird with their big bats of doom. Besides that, they also like to ruin a bird's day by causing explosions, robbing banks and targeting weak birds.

DopeOnARope Ropig Ropigs are pigs that are tied to ropes and swing on them, especially when hit, the bird will be hit back. Break the rope first, and the Ropig will act like a regular pig afterwards. Tied Trouble!

Ropig is a piggy that loves... ropes! Yes, this pig basically ties himself to a rope so that he can sneak up on the birds for suprise attacks. Let me tell you that he's better than anypig at being sneaky! (10% of the time)

AdventurePigCL2000 Adventurer Pig Adventurer Pigs are variants of pigs that come in Minion Pig and Ropig forms. Mostly appears in forests. Pigiana Jones!

"A new adventure doesn't necessarily have to be an expedition or something like that" says Adventurer Pig, "But it could be the start of something new, for example, when I... uhh...", well, guess he was cut out more for adventuring than for speeches.

RocketPigCL2000 Rocket Pig Rocket Pig will soar to the skies when any kind of birdie danger is near. He then floats down safely with a parachute, he is vulnerable at this stage and you can hit him with one of your feathered surprises! Swiner to the Skies!

Check out his cool-lookin and sty-lish rocket Jetpack! He's a professional as he's trained in using this jetpack in order to fly to the skies and snatch the bird's eggs. Too bad those birds scare him, so he usually ends up flying the opposite direction instead, away from the birds.

HotheadPig2020CL2000 Hothead Pig Hothead Pig is kinda like Red, you see, not only does he look Angry, but when you pop him, he will explode your birds... and the horrible foundation of the buildings by Foreman Pig. Rip-off Red!

Hothead Pig's one hothead! His forhead is on fire as you can see. Teasing or pranking him is an extremely terrible idea, as he will get so irritated until he literally explodes on your face! He's nominated for the most angriest on Piggy Island alongside his rivals, Red and Bomb.

BruteAltColorCL2000 Brute Brute has three times the health of a regular pig, and he will try to smash your birds with his banana stick. Beware! Ham Hammer!

Brute is one gargantuan, smashing, pig. He has the strength to make the average bird scream and run. He is the big boy of the pig army and he carries his big stick all around like a big gorilla. However, in his heart, he yearns for love.

(Image coming soon) Snow Pig Appears mainly in frozen areas, Snow Pig can throw snowballs at your birds, if it hits a bird, it slows them down, including their ability. Snowball Fighter!

Snow Pig is one of the experts at snowball fighting, when he was just a youngin, he played snowball fighting a lot with his friends, especially because he stayed in a very snowy area of Piggy Island. His parents want him to "stop being kiddish", because they want Snow Pig to be a soldier. Now he is a soldier, a snowball throwing soldier!

HockeyPig1CL2000 Ice Hockey Pig There are two variants of Ice Hockey Pigs, there's the blue variant, which hits a puck that can bounce back and causes small damage, and there's a red variant which shoots a puck that immediately defeats your birds. Hogsters of Hockey!

The teams have been battling each other for quite a long time, trying to win the big golden ice hockey trophy, and it's difficult to get. The blue team are leading with one of the best hockey pigs in the world. While the red team seems aggressive, they've hardly scored any points during the pig match. Who will win? Only time will tell us.

FrosttheadPig2020CL2000 Frosthead Pig A cooler variant of Hothead Pig, instead of dealing damage when popped, he will freeze everything around him, including the birds and pigs. Ice Ice Piggy!

Frosthead Pig is a joyful and happy pig. He isn't cold hearted as you think him to be, like Hothead Pig, but he is warm-hearted and kind. Plot twist! Things are not always the way you expect them to be with them around. Anyway, he loves helping out and spreading joy to other pigs. That's one cool pig!

GhostPigResCL2000 Ghost Pig Ghost Pigs can float up in mid air, and when popped, he will revive after a while. If all Ghosts are reviving while there are no other pigs left, then it is considered a win. Spooky Swine!

The Ghost Pigs are residents of the spirit realm, wearing bedsheets over their heads to scare off pigs and birds alike. Ghost Pig loves his job as a dead hog as he can fly quickly without needing to walk or take a cab or anything. He also loves scaring, basically any scary looking creature's favorite job.

CountPigula2020CL2000 Count Pigula (TBA) (TBA)
BatPigCL2000 Bat Pig Bat Pigs love flying around in caves, and aren't easy to touch. It's easier if the Bat Pig hangs onto the roof of the cave, which by then, you can pop him more easily. Cave Cured!

Bat Pig is a bat... and a pig? Why was such a thing created, you ask? How is it even useful? Well, Professor Pig was working on giving pigs flying abilities by adding bat DNA, but it failed, and this was created. Professor Pig gave up on his experiment, and the Bat Pigs broke out into the outer world freely, and... yeah. Maybe I should give up on writing all those silly stories.

Building Materials

Material Name Function
Glass Glass Glass is a weak material and can be easily shattered, it is the weakspot of the pigstruction. The Blues, however, can smash it better than other birds.
Wood Wood Wood is an decent material and most birds can break through it. It appears in most levels.
Stone Stone Stone is a strong material which is hard to peck through. Even so, it can be destroyed by Silver and Garretto like it's nothing.
TNTCL2000 TNT TNT can be used to take down those pig towers and pop those pigs! You can use it to blow up crates as well!
AB ULRTIMARE BRICKS!!!!!!! Bricks Bricks are a very tough material, and most birds can only make a pathetic crack. Garretto's drill ability can break it slowly.
SmileyFaceCL2000 Smiley Face The legendary smiley face is a bit hard to destroy, but once you do, it heals your bird to full health! However, it must be directly destroyed with the bird in order to gain full health.
DiceCL2000 Dice A standard six-dotted die. The dots represent it's health and each time it takes damage, it loses dots. Once all dots are gone, it breaks.
Die-namiteCL2000 Die-namite A more durable version of the dice, but once it breaks, it unleashes an explosion slightly bigger than the TNT does...


Critters help you to earn more points in battle. There are different types and are found in nature. (More comming soon)


Birdiform Name Ability Use on
(Coming Soon) Jester Silver Jester Silver can make pigs around her laugh so much that they get distracted, not being aware of birds. After a few seconds, the pigs pop! Silver
GarrettoToons-0 Miner Garretto Miner Garretto digs underground when he's tapped the first time. Tap again and he'll pop up doing a 360 degree spin, making it helpful for him to reach unreachable piggies! He can also light up dark places like caves. Garretto
PlumScientist Scientist Plum Scientist Plum throws a potion that either poisons the enemy, stuns it or turns it into a random object.
Rainbow Blake Rainbow Blake Can Duplicate Depending The Times You Tapped. But The Duplicating Limit Is Only 15 Times. After Duplicating, The Real Rainbow Blake Will Teleport To A Tapped Location Blake

Power Ups

Picture Name Ability Description
Angromedon Basically, this powerup is Jay starting of in a bubble with a remote controller. When the screen is tapped, his robot (Angromedon) comes down falling from the sky, and Jay can control it. Angromedon grabs objects with his two hands on the second and third tap and on the fourth tap, he throws them at the place tapped.

Locations and Cutscenes

In-game cutscenes pop up when something certain happens, they give you clues of what might happen and what is going to happen.

Feather Town

Levels: 15

New Pigs: Minion Pigs, Bamboomerang Pigs, Rogue Pigs and Ropigs.

Your first cutscene in the game is after level 1-2, as you get a note from Bubbles.

  • Jake: It's been a while already, Jay! We could use some help.
  • Jay: Keep your feathers on, Jake. It won't be such a big deal...
  • Jim: Oh look, a random piece of paper! Must be a note.
  • Jay: Let me read it...
  • Jay: Dear Jim, Jake and Jay, the pigs took me somewhere in this small and tight cage, probably near Olive's house. However, I broke out by inflating, there was a candy store nearby, so I ate every single piece of candy, but I left some for you. - Bubbles
  • Jim: Wow, I didn't know Bubbles was ever that kind enough to share his candy.
  • Jake: Well one, that's stealing, unless that was money from the Rogues who took him away.
  • Jay: And two, he's only gonna share likely because there was too much candy for him to finish all in one.
  • Jim: Well nevermind, but more pigs up ahead!

On level 1-5, you unlock Bubbles, with the pieces of candy he promised the Blues of.

  • Jay: Hey Bubbles, there you are!
  • Bubbles: Oh hey guys! Here's the candy I promised ya!
  • Jim: Thanks, but...isn't that basically stealing...?
  • Bubbles: Well they were going to shut down, because of low business, so they lent me a year supply of candy, for free.
  • Jake: We could use this as a boost in battle!
  • Rogue Pig: (Wakes up from fainting) What happe-Hey bird! GETBACKHEREYOULITTLEPEST!
  • Bubbles: Let's fight to show'em what's right! And blow their minds, cause get it? Blow, and I inflate?
  • Jake: Wonderful, another one of those bad puns.

At level 1-12, you find Silver in a cage.

  • Jay: Oh look it's Silver!
  • Silver: Little hi, little low!
  • Jay: Looks like you're a bit stuck? You need help?
  • Silver: OF COURSE I NEED HELP! Thanks to this good-for-nothing cage! (Hits the cage)
  • Jay: (Pecks the cage as hard as he can) So I guess pecking doesn't work...
  • Jake: (Takes a boulder and hits the cage as hard as he can) ...hitting the cage doesn't work either...
  • Bubbles: (Tries to inflate in order to break the cage)
  • Jim: And inflating isn't very effective.
  • Jay: Oh look! There's a lock!
  • Jim: I think we need some sort of key!
  • Jake: Over there!(Looks at a sleeping Rogue Pig with a key to unlock the cage.
  • Jay: (Sneaks up at the rogue)
Silver(In a whisper): Uh, Jay...
  • Jay: What's the worst that could happen?
  • Rogue Pig 1: Birds! Scram before I call my friends!
  • Jay: We are...
  • Jake: ...never going to...
  • Jim: that!
  • Bubbles: Yeah, we need to save Silver!
  • Rogue Pig 1: Hey guys, GUYS! Wakey wakey! Birds are here!
  • Rogue Pig 2: Wha-but it's my off-day today!
  • Rogue Pig 1: If it IS your off day, you wouldn't be here, besides you're protecting the key!
  • Jay: Flock-time guys!

At level 1-12, you unlock Silver, with the introduction of Birdiforms.

  • Silver: Look, I found this cool little jester hat in the shop! For some reason, I feel more happy and energetic with this on!
  • Bubbles: Interesting, a hat can do that?
  • Jay: It must be a birdiform! They give us some very special abilities in battle!
  • Jim: Hey, lookie, we have some targets for us already!
  • Minion Pig 1: Oh shoot!
  • Minion Pig 2: I didn't prepare!
  • Minion Pig 3: Not now!
  • Silver: So whadya waiting for! Let's try it out!(Wears the hat)
  • Silver: Hey guys! King Pig is a big snotty snouted fatso - Wait, I didn't mean to say tha...
  • Minion Pigs: Hahahaha! So funny!
  • Jake: Neat, We can use this to distract them from attacking us!
  • Silver: Nice!
  • Minion Pigs: ...Haha-Hey! What are you doing!
  • Bubbles: Well, NOW we can attack you!

On level 1-15, you meet your first boss, Corporal Pig.

  • Bubbles: Phew, and another piggy structure good to go!
  • Silver: Jay: This is ex-hausting!
  • Jim: Pigs, right?
  • Jim: Hey look, something's coming out of the ground!
  • The Blues (Except Jim): Oh, great, just great!
  • Corporal Pig: HA HA HA! Get ready to feel the wrath of my super mega-power drill thing 2000!
  • Silver: Cool, where'd you get it from?
  • Corporal Pig: Well, Foreman Pig invented it!
  • Silver: I thought you bought it from...Pigg-E-bay!
  • Silver: Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha! I'm so funny!
  • Jay: Nice one Silver! (Gives her a High-5)
  • Corporal Pig: Well that is kinda funny. Well, I mean...
  • Corporal Pig: ...I don't have time for jokes! The King assigned me to keep your friends locked away so that they can't help you!
  • Bubbles: Pffft... We went through HARDER things. Are you even kidding me?
  • Jake: Yeah, I mean, come on! We've did many things that you probably, uhh, make us kind of better.
  • Jay: Yeah! Have you pigs bounced through rings of fire? Do you pigs play dangerously? Do you snorters do ANYTHING else than mucking into icky mud and being silly?!
  • Corporal Pig: You have a point...
  • Corporal Pig: I mean-enough silly talk! Let's just bust into battle like true fighters! I don't want to hear about all that USELESS information.
  • Jay: Have it your way you ham-ster! We will obviously win!

After that there's a cutscene at the end.

  • Bubbles: Woohoo! Sweet victory!
  • Corporal Pig: NOOOOOOOOO! My Drill! BULLIES!
  • Jay: We're not bullies!
  • Jake: Yeah you're the Bully!
  • Jim: (Blows rasberries)
  • Silver: Oh look a button! (Looks at a button that says only in case of emergencies)
  • Corporal Pig: You're not supposed to click that!
  • Silver: You can't tell me what I can't do! (Clicks the button)
  • (Corporal Pig gets ejected from the drill, flying off into the stormy skies and gets struck by a few bolts of lightning)
  • Corporal Pig: Why must this always happen to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  • (Blues laugh loudly) Well done, Silver!!!
  • Jay: Ooh look, he left back something!
  • Bubbles: It looks like a drawing.
  • Jake: Of a flower.
  • Silver: It doesn't look like a normal flower, but more like a mystical and magical flower. It also has some writing that I can't seem to understand.
  • Jay: And, look, there's a map on the back! Now we can chase after them!
  • Jay: I think it looks like something the pigs are after. Let's go, buddies.

Treacherous Forests

Levels: 15

New Pigs: Adventurer Pigs, Vinepigs, Rocket Pigs, Angry Pigs and Brutes.

Special features: Water is acid! Upon touching it, it will damage birds. When it is raining, the rain will slowly damage birds as well, pigs in structures are unaffected by rain.

At level 2-1, there's a new world features are mentioned.

  • Bubbles: Phee-ew. After all that combat, I need a sip of water..
  • Jake: Don't drink that!
  • Bubbles: Why not? I'm thirsty after all.
  • Jay: Can't you see the water is green? You can already tell that looks like something that a bird wouldn't want to drink.
  • Jim: So don't go swimming at all costs.
  • Bubbles: But we could use some help, it's tiring with only the five of us!
  • Jay: Actually, I know someone that could help! She live in a treehouse somewhere here!
  • Silver: Oh, really?
  • Jay: Well, her name's Janet! She's pretty cool, you could say she's the typical proffesional and adventurous martial artist.
  • Jake: Oh yeah, Janet! We haven't seen her in quite a long while, and she could be useful in occasions like this.
  • Jim: She could also probably help us to read this confusing language on the drawing!
  • Silver: So what are we waiting for, let's go find her!
  • Vinepig 1: Look! Those are the birds that stole the paper from Corporal Pig!
  • Vinepig 2: Now, you hand us that piece of paper or else you'll get it!
  • Jake: You really thought you're going to make us hand it over just by that? You may sound determined, but let's see how you REALLY fight.
  • Vinepig 3: Actually, starting to think of it, we should be running by now...

At level 2-5, you find Janet's house.

  • Jay: I think her house should be somewhere around here.
  • Bubbles: Over there!
  • Silver: Excellent! We can now see what this drawing thing is all about!
  • Jake: Let's go!
  • Jim: Hello...anyone there?
  • Silver: I don't think there IS anyone here...
  • Jay: Oh look! There she is!
  • Jay: Hi Janet!
  • Janet: What, who is that...
  • Jim: It's...
  • Janet: The Blues! I wasn't expecting such a surprise visit! We haven't met for such a long while.
  • Jake: I know right! But see, we're here for a bit more serious matter.
  • Bubbles: Yeah, the Pigs are back at us AGAIN.
  • Janet: Ugh, those pigs! Never learning their lessons!
  • Jay: And I think they're after (shows picture to Janet) this.
  • Janet: It's written in old Piggish! Lemme see...
  • Janet: The Time Flower is a forbidden flower in a cave guarded by menacing and evilish shadows. The Time Flower can heal the past, resurrect the dead, and rebuild the broken. Only a worthy bird/pig will be able to use this...
  • Jay: That's it! (Snaps) The attack of the Cows recently destroyed a huge part of Piggy Island and other islands, they want to rebuild their own city! And with only a small amount of birds now, they might have the power to overtake us! Maybe we can get to the Time Flower first and fix everything that those pesky Cows have done!
  • Silver: So let's do this!
  • Janet: Not so fast! (Pulls Silver back) This won't be easy. To beat the pigs, we need to train really hard. It's not the speed of the bird, it's not it's toughness, but it's determination and destiny. Us flockers might not be good enough EVEN with our extremeness combined, so we have to train hard!
  • Jim: Now that's the spirit!
  • Jake: Yea!
  • Bubbles: I'm in!
  • Silver: Lets'a go!
  • Jay: Those might be some tough cookies, so Janet's right! Let's do this!
  • Janet: Great! So let's do some training, shall we!

Janet's Treehouse Training

Here, you will have to defeat an obstacle course of cardboard pigs. Once you finish the first five levels of Janet's Treehouse Training, you will unlock Janet.

Levels: 20

New Pigs: Cardboard Pigs

Special Features: You are up above in the leaves, so there is no ground! Use this as an advantage to push pigs downwards.

At level J-5, you get a small little cutscene when unlocking Janet.

  • Jay: (Puffing) That was rough.
  • Janet: Looks like we'll stop here. Now you should have the skills to do this.
  • Bubbles: Excellent!
  • Garretto: Help me, Blues!
  • Silver: Those pigs again! What troublemakers!
  • Janet: Nice meeting you guys, now go ahead and save your friend!
  • Jay: But wait, don't you want to join us, Janet?
  • Janet: Join you guys? On your adventure?! Of course! Let's do this!
  • Bubbles: Sweet, now let's battle those piggies!

On level 2-9, you meet Garretto and save him, he mentions a bit about the whereabouts of the time flower.

  • Jay: (Uses key) There!
  • Garretto: Phew, thankfully you made it!
  • Silver: We always make it!
  • Garretto: And I see you have a new friend!
  • Janet: Yep! That's me!
  • Garretto: As a little reward, I found some runes from the pigs! They will aid us in battle against the pigs.
  • Bubbles: Nice!
  • Garretto: Speaking of pigs though, the pigs are headed to Frozen Beach. They've sent Plum there!
  • Janet: We're after the Time Flower, in fact, do you know anything about it Garretto?
  • Garretto: Ah yes, the mysterious Time Flower, I've seen it once but I just can't remember. The shadows of the dungeon nearly destroyed me and I almost passed out. Luckily I survived that. Ever since, I've never dared to go back in there.
  • Jake: Now we know a bit about it, so...
  • Adventurer Pigs: Hey you, get over here!
  • Garretto: It's Pig-Fightin' Time!

At level 2-12, they stumble across a Pig called Piggy McCool. A merchandiser pig who sells items.

  • Jay: The map should be leading this way... oof! (Bumps into McCool)
  • Garretto: Who are you? Are you trying to fool us?!
  • Piggy McCool: I mean, uhh...
  • Jake: Oh wait, I know that guy! No need to worry, Garretto. It's only Piggy Mcool, he's friendly.
  • Garretto: Oh, hi! I'm Garretto.
  • Piggy McCool: Hi! I've some good deals on my shop! Discounts, drinks and more!
  • Silver: Nice!
  • Piggy McCool: What else, you could recruit me on a special occasion!
  • Janet: Super! Now... WHAT THE?!
  • Vinepigs: Sorry to crash the party here, but...
  • Vinepigs: Uh no...

On level 2-20, you'll get a bossfight cutscene with Crossbow.

  • Garretto: According to this map, it says right over here that they're going this way!
  • Janet: Did any of you hear that?
  • Jay: I hear it too! I think someone's trying to sneak on us!
  • Bubbles: Oh look, levers! Must lead to some kind of secret exit!
  • Jim: Really?! Combination codes?! Awful, we're never gonna make it out...
  • Jay: Lemme try flicking one of these...
  • (Tree which Crossbow is on falls, making Crossbow thump onto Garretto)
  • Garretto: You small-brained green ball! What were you doing on that tree?
  • Crossbow: That's nothing you'll need to know, birds, it was all part of the plan.
  • Janet: All part of the plan?! So that was the plan?! Putting yourself onto a tree trying to sneak up on us like that, not noticing that one of the levers can make that apple tree fall down, causing you to cannonball on one of our friends?! I've seen plans better than that.
  • Jake: Hold on! You're that crossbow dude who tried to arrow us one time!
  • Crossbow: I mean, I am, the great and powerful... CROSSBOW!
  • (The blues make bored faces)
  • Garretto: I wonder why do they say pigs are intellegent...
  • Crossbow: Anyway, let's play a game...
  • Crossbow: ...and that game is called... I can't really think up of one.
  • The Blues: Maybe you want a game called, FIGHT CROSSBOW UNTIL HE CAN'T TAKE IT!

After the level, you get a cutscene where The Blues and the others try to figure out the combination code.

  • Jay: WE DID IT!
  • Jake: Now all we need to do is to get us outta here.
  • Garreto: Wait! The combination codes from before!
  • Bubbles: I'm pretty sure the answer must be somewhere...

Frozen Beach

Levels: 20

New Pigs: Snow Pigs, Ice Hockey Pigs and Frosthead Pigs

Special Features: A layer of ice covers the water, birds can break through this ice and birds like Tony can just bust right through it.

Your first cutscene is when you unlock Gelatin on Level 1-1.

  • Garretto: Well, that's funny, this is supposed to be a beach, why is the water ice?
  • Silver: And it's covered in snow...?
  • Jay: Now this doesn't make any sense now, if someone could just tell us...
  • Bubbles: Oh look! Jelly!
  • Gelatin: Oh nonononono, I am not a piece of jelly!
  • Jake: Bubbles, stop trying to chase him!
  • Bubbles: Ok, I'll stop...
  • Garretto: Aaaaanyway, nice to meet you, sorry about Bubbles here, he gets a bit excited everytime he sees a piece of candy, what's your name.
  • Gelatin: My name's Gelatin! It's yeah, confusing. I think I know you guys, you're the heroes of Bird Island right?
  • Jim: Oh yeah! Now we remember you, you're that super bouncy and jiggly bird that helped us when Piggy was making his machine.
  • Gelatin: Yup! I was that bird! And of course, you're the blues right?
  • The Blues: Absolutely!
  • Janet: I just have a question, why is the beach so icey?
  • Icey: Anyone mention me? Wait hold it, this is the wrong game.
  • Garretto: Ummm... Give us a moment...
  • (Bubbles holds up technical difficulties while saying "Bleep")
  • Gelatin: Anyway, where were we, oh yes, Foreman Pig was using a giant freezing machine on this entire beach, so now it's frozen.
  • Bubbles: Oh great! Pigs causing trouble again!
  • Janet: I think he did this because he knows we are coming for the Time Flower. He wants to make it harder for us! Darn those Pigs!
  • Jim: Speaking of, do you know anything about the Time Flower and where is it?
  • Gelatin: Well, I do know about it, but not much... I know a bird named Barry knows where it is.
  • Silver: Oh yeah, that guy with the cool-looking bandana!
  • Jay: Where exactly is he?...
  • Minion Pig 1: Hello fellow troublemakers!
  • Jay: You looking for us?
  • Jake: We are the troublemakers of the flock.
  • Jim: We can cause triple the trouble of the whole flock itself!
  • Minion Pig 2: Anyway, we're looking for a Time Flower drawing...
  • Minion Pig 3: They have it! Attack pigs!
  • Silver: Oh great...

On level 3-5, you unlock a minigame called "Whack-a-pig", with a cutscene.

  • Blake: Guys, HELP! I'm over here! In this cage!
  • Garretto: Who was that?
  • Blake: It's Blake! You know... that green square shaped bird...
  • Jim: Oh yeah! Blake, how'd you get trapped?!
  • Blake: Well... (Flashback)
  • Blake: This is one cold beach, my beak is freezing I can hardly move it!
  • Blake: Dane! Is that you!
  • (Shadow starts to form into two Rogue Pigs)
  • Blake: Oh, great... (Flashback stops)
  • Janet: I know how you feel, those blasted Pigs!
  • Bubbles: Right... now where's the key...
  • Hammer Pig: I have it!
  • Jay: Now give it to us!
  • Hammer Pig: But first, let's play a game...
  • (Hammer Pig carries out Whack-a-pig machine)
  • Hammer Pig: Now, you play this game, and the key's the prize.
  • Hammer Pig: All you have to do is hit the pigs before they get to the lost egg!
  • Jay: Nice, let's do this!

On level 3-12, you go to Tony's Hideout Cabin, there you can unlock the recipe for hot cocoa.

  • Garretto: I'm tired, and cold!
  • Gelatin: Hey look! It's a random cabin!
  • Jay: Maybe we could ask the one who lives there whether we could rest there for a while...
  • Janet: Hello? Anyone home?
  • Silver: Looks like something died in here...
  • (The Blues look everywhere while a giant figure appears behind them, and they look back)
  • The Blues: Aaaaaah!
  • (Tony smiles)
  • Jim: Phew, it's only Tony.
  • (The birds sit back on their couches)
  • Blake: Ah, nice to sit near the camp fire, it is cold outside.
  • (Tony's eyes gesture towards some hot cocoa ingredients)
  • Jake: You want us to make hot cocoa?
  • (Tony nods happily)
  • Jay: Nice!
  • (Few moments later)
  • Jay: Anyone ordered hot cocoa?
  • Gelatin: Cool, I mean, it's hot!
  • (Snow pigs break into the cabin)
  • Snow Pig 1: Our king orders us to get that piece of paper!
  • Snow Pig 2: I'm not sure if this is a good idea. (Looks at Tony scared)
  • Tony: Mmm-hmmm...
  • Bubbles: You guys are in trouble!

On level 1-15, you get a note from Plum, hinting the next world.

  • Jay: You said Plum would be here Garretto, but we've looked all over and we couldn't find him!
  • Garretto: Look, I think that's a cage in the distance!
  • Silver: It could be Plum!
  • Blake: But wait, there's no one inside!
  • Gelatin: Hey look, a letter!
  • Janet: Let me read it.
  • Janet: Hi guys, just in case you want to know, I broke out of the cage and I went to this mansion nearby to capture ghosts using a vaccum cleaner and experiment on them to find out a way to revive other birds.-Plum
  • Janet: GHOSTS?!
  • Jake: I think Plum is probably just spinning a yarn to scare us.
  • Jim: Huh?!
  • (Cage falls on them)
  • Rogue Pig 1: Now, what do we have here?
  • Blake: GET US OUT OF HERE!
  • Rogue Pig 2: Only if you give us that piece of paper!
  • Jay: We are never gonna do that!
  • Rogue Pig 1: If you really aren't gonna do that, you'll never get out!
  • Tony: Hrmmmm!
  • Rogue Pig 2: Rogue Pig 1, we might be in trouble...

On level 3-20, you get a scene for the boss fight with Freezing Hogtopus.

  • Janet: And the map should be leading this way...
  • Garretto: Hold it! It says no entry...
  • Gelatin: Wonderful! Let's all go home!
  • Jim: Wait guys, don't leave!
  • Jake: Yeah, we need to restore the islands!
  • Jay: You can't just walk away now!
  • Janet: I like your spirit but how are we going to get in?
  • (Tony looks up)
  • Garretto: We could climb up! Great idea, Tony.
  • Gelatin: Hmmph. (Breaks the iron fence with his beak)
  • Janet: Why didn't we think about that earlier? And why is the fence so weak?
  • Blake: Probably because it was made by dumb construction piggies.
  • Jake: Anyway let's enter.
  • Jay: Uhh...
  • Garretto: Did we come all the way here for absolutely nothing?!
  • Janet: This is where it ends, but there's a continuing line out of nowhere...

(Ice starts to crack)

  • All birds: Aaaah!
  • Garretto: Ow!
  • Janet: That was a... woah, where is this place?
  • Gelatin: Looks like some kind of Lair...
  • Jay: And how exactly...
  • Jake: ...are we gonna...
  • Jim: ...get out of here?
  • Silver: Well there must be some way...
  • ???: Well, well, well, what do we have here?
  • Blake: When exactly, did water start talking?
  • Bubbles: I don't think that was the water...

(Freezing Hogtopus breaks out of ice)

  • Freezing Hogtopus: It's freezing out here, right?
  • Jay: I remember you! You were that guy that stole our eggs in Piglantis.
  • Freezing Hogtopus: And you were that Blue Bird... wait actually, which one of you was the... anyway, what brings you here?
  • Janet: We're looking for the Time Flower...
  • (Hogtopus takes a magnifying glass and squints at the picture)
  • Freezing Hogtopus: Ah yes, the Time Flower...
  • Garretto: Ya know where it is?
  • Freezing Hogtopus: I...
  • Blake: Yes?
  • Freezing Hogtopus: ...Don't know.
  • Jake: That's okay, we need to know how to get out of here!
  • Freezing Hogtopus: NOT SO FAST!
  • Silver: Hey!
  • Freezing Hogtopus: You thought that I could let you out of here so easily?!
  • Gelatin: Of course!
  • Freezing Hogtopus: Keep quiet!
  • Freezing Hogtopus: First, we need a fight! Now, I'm a tough pig, or octopus, but whatever... that's what you should get for breaking into my lair in hte first place!
  • Garretto: But...
  • Freezing Hogtopus: NO BUTS! Let's fight!
  • Jay: Fight ON!

After the level, you get another cutscene. To lead out.

  • Freezing Hogtopus: I may have slightly underestimated you.
  • Garretto: You see, we broke here on accident...
  • Freezing Hogtopus: Fine, FINE! You came here on accident, I get it.
  • Janet: Now, can you please tell us how to get out of here.
  • Freezing Hogtopus: Ok... just need to crank this lever, and pull this switch...
  • Jake whispering to Jay: I didn't know that he was good in mechanical stuff. I mean... for an octopus.
  • Freezing Hogtopus: Now step your way out and never come back again.
  • Jay: Thanks!
  • Freezing Hogtopus: No problem.
  • Jay: Now about Plum, he talked about this mansion filled with ghosts. I wonder if he's telling the truth...

Ghostly Mansion

Levels: 25

New Pigs: Ghost Pigs

Special Features: Unknown

On level 4-1, you can't find Plum, but instead you find some roaming ghosts.

  • Silver: Wow, this mansion hasn't been used for like, years.
  • Jay: Wait, where's Plum?
  • Jake: He said he was doing "Ghost Busting" .
  • Jim: Or somethin like that.
  • Bubbles: I'm scared!
  • Janet: Don't worry Bubbles, everyone knows that there's no such thing as...
  • Silver: GHOST!
  • Silver: Oh, it's a pig. Not scary at all!
  • Ghost Pig: What? Did I scare you mortals?
  • Blake: Kinda. Anyway, where is this place? What'ya all ghosts doing out here?
  • Ghost Pig: Anyway, we came from the Spirit Realm, which is a place where the dead stay if they die on one of the few islands.
  • Gelatin: Interesting.
  • Ghost Pig: We wear a bedsheet over our heads so that we're considered "ghosts".
  • Jay: Ok, tell us, do you know anything about the "Time Flower".
  • Ghost Pig: Oh yes! The Time Flower can be used to restore anything, it isn't really like a Time Machine, but it can be used by the mortals to restore anything they possibly want.
  • Janet: And that's EXACTLY what this says. (Shows Ghost Pig the piece of paper)
  • Ghost Pig: Give it to us!
  • Garretto: And why should we?
  • Ghost Pig: The King needs it!
  • Jay: Oh you mean THAT KING? The one with a fat belly? We're not doing that!
  • Ghost Pig: Then get ready to be scared to death by our phantom clan!
  • Gelatin: Here goes nothing.

On level 4-3, you find Plum and he tells you more about the spirits and ghosts.

  • Jay: Phew, that was a long one.
  • Garretto: But we still haven't found that Plum!
  • Silver: I don't know about you, but we've got more Ghosts in front of us!
  • Ghost Pig 1: Those birds! Those are the ones who stole the paper!
  • Janet: Stole? I mean kind of, but we're doing it for a good purpose...
  • Ghost Pig 2: The king wants to use it for...
  • (Plum sucks in the Ghost Pigs using his Vaccum Cleaner)
  • Bubbles: (Claps)
  • Blake: He was just going to tell us what the use of the Time Flower was for, but whatever...
  • Plum: Well, I heard what they were talking, they want to use it for...
  • Ghost Pig: ...for restoring the King Pig Statue that broke into pieces, yoù know, King Pig is going to send all of us into jail.
  • Jay: I remember you! You were the one who tried to scared us at the plaza!
  • Rod: Yeah, Lemme see... (Tries to jumpscare Silver)
  • Silver: (Headbutts Rod) It doesn't work anymore! Now that we've got more birds, you don't scare us!
  • Garretto: And do you know there's only ONE Time Flower?! And that's what you want to use it for?!
  • Ghost Pig 2: This was the Corporal's idea!
  • Jay: Whatever, we're gonna defeat you! We're the Blues Flock! And we ain't lettin any bird down.
  • Rod: Ok, ghosts, get'em!

Then, on Level 4-8, a little suprise befalls the birds.

  • Jay: Well, THAT was exhausting.
  • Silver: Yeah, trying to get through a bunch of scary ghosts trying to steal some paper from us, and get them to find some mystic flower that could revive everyone used for a stupid statue!
  • Garretto: Yeah, couldn't Blake just help by teleporting us there?!
  • Blake: Because I can't go to destinations out of reach, Gelatin...
  • Gelatin: Oh...
  • Silver: Anyway, let's... gaah! (Falls into a trapdoor)
  • Janet: Silver?!
  • Jim: That hole's pitch dark! There must be a safer way down...
  • Jay: Ok, Blake! Can you help us make a portal down there so that we don't have to fall and thump down on the ground.
  • Blake: Sure thing!
  • Jake: Plum, take the slingshot with you!
  • Plum: Got it!
  • Jim: Garretto, ya got a mining helmet so that it ain't hard to see?
  • Garretto: Always have it.
  • Janet: Now let's go down.
  • (All birds enter the portal)
  • Garretto: This looks like a sewer of some sort...
  • Gelatin: Silver! Ya alright?
  • Silver: I am, Gelatin... wait where is this place?! We need to find a way up!
  • Blake: Well I can use my port-
  • Plum: Let's explore this place first.

On Level 1-10, you find an old friend...

  • Jay: What the...
  • Garretto: Who is he?
  • Janet: It's probably best we ask him.
  • Blake: I'll do the talking.
  • Blake: Hi, how are you?
  • ???: Who dares to confront me?
  • Blake: Uhh...
  • Callahan's Spirit: It's me, Callahan!
  • Blake: Aaaah!
  • All the other birds: Aaaah!
  • Callahan's Spirit: Aaaah!
  • Jay: Wait, is that really you, Callahan?
  • Callahan's Spirit: Yes, I am, Jay. Sorry, but I need to stop those darn pigs!
  • Gelatin: You know about the Time Flower?
  • Callahan's Spirit: Yes, and the pigs' plan was...
  • Janet: We know, it's really just a dumb one.
  • Blake: We just kinda, need to get outta here...
  • Callahan's Spirit: Oh, I know the way out of here.
  • Garretto: Can you show us?
  • Callahan's Spirit: Sure! We just have to go...
  • Ghost Pigs: Stop or else we'll capture you, and taunt you 'til November!
  • Callahan's Spirit: Let's do this thing!

On level 4-20, you meet again with Rod.

  • Jay: So... Callahan, how's life as a spirit?
  • Callahan's Spirit: Eh, pretty easy, you can fly around, walk through walls, you're basically invincible. But, I still do miss life as a mortal, and all my friends.
  • Janet: I know how you feel.
  • Bubbles: Also, we are happy that you're alive.
  • (Awkward Silence)
  • Bubbles: Or at least here.
  • Blake: Anyway, let's- (Bumps into Rod)
  • Jake: You again!
  • Rod: Yes, my invisibility ability is very useful.
  • Jim: Well, if you used it against us in the plaza, you would be way more powerful.
  • Rod: Oh, yeah... why didn't I think about it.
  • Jake whispering to Janet: You see, this is why I said he would make a bad leader.
  • Rod: What did you say about me being a bad leader?
  • Garretto: Speaking of, Mr. Rod, can you kindly move aside? We need to get through.
  • Rod: No! Not without a fight!
  • Gelatin: Ok Rocks, a fight it is!

On Level 1-25, you find Rod Burn.

  • Bubbles: Those darn pigs! They can be much sometimes!
  • Callahan's Spirit: I know, when will they stop?
  • Ghost Pig 1: Hey, what are you birdbrains doing, lingering around here?
  • Ghost Pig 2: Yeah, you should be at your nesting barrows!
  • Silver: Hey! Don't you dare speak to us like that!
  • Gelatin: Ya, you're being rude!
  • Ghost Pig 2: Know what?! I'm telling Rod Burn!!!
  • Garretto: That dude?! Oh, this is gonna be good. I'm telling you he's a real stinker and he stinks a lot at scaring! He stinks so much that...
  • Rod Burn: (Appears behind him and holds him) What did you say about me, you fool?!
  • Janet: Garretto! Put him down, you giant sausage!
  • Rod Burn: I'll put him down. (Throws him onto a wall)
  • Garretto: Ouch!
  • Blake: Stop messing with us, you fool!
  • Rod Burn: I'm not messing with you, I'm just using my physical control power. (Lifts up block and throws it onto Blake)
  • Blake: What the... (Gets hit) Ow!
  • Silver: Maybe it's best we just... (Runs away)
  • Rod Burn: I'm not letting anyone flee! (Picks her up and looks at her, and then slaps her on the ground)
  • Silver: (Ouch.)
  • Bubbles: That's it! We will not be resilient!
  • Rod Burn: Oh really... how about a fight?!
  • Jay: Sure thing. Let's fight! We're goood at fighting!
  • Rod Burn: Then, let's see how you do against a ghost!

After Rod Burn's defeat, you get a cutscene.

  • Janet: Yay, we did it! High five!
  • Plum: Scientifically... you do not have hands.
  • Silver: Then... how did Chuck crash through that giant gate? If he didn't have hands, how would he be able to hold that log?
  • Plum: That's... a good question.
  • Rod Burn: Why?! WHY?! Do I have to get beaten by you bluebirds again! I will take my revenge! Mark my words!
  • Jim: It's definitely not too soon.
  • Callahan: (Giggles)
  • Garretto: Uhh... birds? (Looks up)
  • Blake: The mansion is falling apart! Let's use my portal ability to get outta here. (Makes a portal) Quick!
  • (All birds go through the portal)
  • Callahan: Finally! We're out! I feel so alive! Well...even though I'm not. I can just breathe in the fresh air.
  • Bubbles: Yeah, right.
  • Janet: Yeah...huh?! (Looks back)
  • Minion Pig: Hehe! Try getting us now!
  • Janet: Flocksters! FLOCK! The pigs ran that way!
  • Jake: Wait what?! Right on our tail?!
  • Garretto: Ok, where'd they go?
  • Janet: They ran to the cave right over there!
  • Bubbles: Why would they go into a cave?
  • Jay: So we can't see.
  • Bubbles: Oh, that makes sense.
  • Jay: Whatever! Let's just follow them in. I wonder how those pigs will do in there though?

(Meanwhile in the cave)

  • Minion Pig 1: I've found a green crystal! And it looks delicious! (EATS THE ENIRE THING)
  • Minion Pig 2: A SPIDER! AAAAAAAAH!
  • Jailbreak Rogue: ...You have got to be kidding me.

Crystal Caves

Levels: 25

New Pigs: Bat Pigs, Miner Pigs

  • Bubbles: I bet there's gotta be some candy in here!
  • Jay: Don't even think about it Bubbles! This caves flooded with bats, monsters and.... uhh... other... stuff.
  • Bat Pig: Hello there frightened hatchlings!
  • Gelatin: We're not even frightened. And we're not all hatchlings.
  • Bat Pig: Oh, good point... anyway, Jailbreak Rogue wishes to tell you this: I have hidden a magic compass that will help you to navigate the islands and help you find hidden goods. You'll have to solve many of my puzzles to get to it. However, watch out for the bat pigs and my minions! See you later you birds! Hahahaha!
  • Silver: Oh, come on! We have a time flower to deal with!
  • Callahan: And it's definitely going to be dark in there!
  • Garretto: I know how to navigate my way around caves. However, I may need a mining helmet for that...
  • Bubbles: What about that one? (Looks at the napping miner pig)
  • Garretto: Perfect! Now lemme just... (Slowly walks up to the sleeping miner pig)
  • Plum: (Looks on an app on his phone to see the surroundings)
  • Garretto: (Slowly lifts the mining helmet up and grabs it) (Whispering) Did it!
  • Blake: Woohoo!
  • (Plum's phone rings the Angry Birds theme)
  • Silver: Oh no.
  • Miner Pig 1: Gaaah! What was that?
  • Miner Pig 2: It's those pesky birds! They're trying to steal your hat.
  • Miner Pig 1: Don't you dare steal my lucky hat, you bluebird!
  • Miner Pig 2: You sure? You've been beaten by the birds many times with the hat!
  • (Flashback)
  • Bomb: (Explodes in Miner Pig's face)
  • Silver: (Crashes down on Miner Pig)
  • Terence: (Smashes Miner Pig)
  • (Flashback ends)
  • Miner Pig 1: Oh... yeah.
  • Garretto: Can we go now with your "lucky" helmet?
  • Miner Pig 2: NO! The king orders us to defeat you! We'll do just that! Bat Pigs!
  • Callahan: (Sighs) Why does this always happen to us?

On level 4-5, you are met with another surprise... not a good one.

  • Garretto: *Drills into some ore*
  • Gelatin: No time for mining, Garretto! We have some work to do.
  • Garretto: Sorry, it's just that...
  • Blake: Just that what?
  • Garretto: Everyday is a good day to mine!
  • Jay: C'mon, it's this way!
  • Jake: No, no! It is THAT way!
  • Jim: Don't be ridiculous! It's certainly the other way!
  • Jay: You're not the one bossing me around, aren'tcha?
  • Jim: No, I'm not!
  • *The three start squabbling, then pausing in mid-air when Janet comes*
  • Janet: With all due respect, I and Plum have checked the area, and the three routes together lead to where we were before.
  • *The Blues plummet onto the ground*
  • Silver: So what hole do we take, smarty-pants?
  • Plum: Well, actually, I was thinking of taking the hole Garretto drilled.
  • Bubbles: Well, let's go, then!
  • *They appear on the other side, only to be greeted by a beast*
  • Jay: Yikes!
  • Janet: A CAVE BEAST!
  • Garretto: What an original name.
  • Plum: Yes, we haven't found a scientific name for this monstrosity.
  • Jake: Good thing it's asleep.
  • Jim: What exactly do they do, Plum?
  • Plum: Cave beasts are giant lizard-like creatures and hulking, blue-and-yellow striped creatures that live in caves.
  • *The cave beast wakes up*
  • Plum: *In a somewhat natural tone* They are very dangerous.
  • *They all scream and run, starting the minigame "Cave Catastrophe"*

Fiery Volcano


Pig Name Ability Description Location
CorporalPigTrainingCL2000 Corporal Pig and his Super Mega-Power Drill Thing 2000

Stage 1: Roams around with his machine and summons in Minion Pigs, Soldier Pigs and Helmet Pigs. He can also fire his drill at your birds and bring it back. Watch out for this attack.

Stage 2: He will now shoot three homing missiles at your birds that explode, doing slight damage to surroundings arround it. Using Bubbles when he inflates knockbacks the missile, use this to your advantage!

Stage 3: His machine will now be able to fly and pounce on your birds, causing a shockwave to make the birds near the shockwave knock away!

Drillin' Danger!

Boom, boom! What's that?! Corporal Pig can't hear you. He's having way too much fun with his new drilling machine, shovelin' into the ground, launching missiles all over the place, bringing in thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of pigs.

Feather Town
Crossbow Boss Pig Crossbow ((Credit to DavetheFave11 for Crossbow!))

Stage 1: Fires three arrows that home your birds which takes time to launch and makes him vulnerable at that stage. He also summons in Minion Pigs and Rogue Pigs. Janet's flower shurikens can bump into each other causing both of them to get destroyed.

Stage 2: To add to the trouble, he will shoot powered arrows that deal more damage and his charging time is quicker. He also summons in Jetpack Pigs and Adventurer Pigs.

Stage 3: He now sends in Ropigs and dodges attacks by jumping from structure to structure. He now shoots five arrows instead of three.

Legendary Archer!

Crossbow is a swift soildier and an on-point archer. He is an expert at capturing birds, which is why most birds try to get on his good side. His arrows can really hurt so be careful and try to dodge them. If you are a real enemy, he'll try to spy and track you down. King Pig mainly admires his skills and gives him humungous amounts of gold badges.

Treacherous Forests
FreezingHogtopusCL2000 Freezing Hogtopus

Stage 1: Hogtopus will slap birds with his icy cold tentacles to slow those birdies down. He can also leap making it harder for birds to attack him, and any birds below him as he's leaping are in deep trouble...

Stage 2: To make it harder, this time he will summon in Merpigs and Frosthead Pigs and slaps more rapidly making a splash that pulls birds into the water, drowning them.

Stage 3: He completely floods the place and summons in Merpigs rapidly, he uses his tentacles like rotors that knocks off birds which are near. Even more he will heal the Merpigs as well. Be careful!

Cold Calamari!

Hogtopus rules a kingdom of Merpigs which follow whatever he says. Some say he's kinda like a water version of he infamous King Pig. They thought he was a legend until some sailor pigs got their ship sunken by Hogtopus and had to swim to shore. Thanks to Foreman Pig who froze the entirety of the Bird Island beach, he got so cold that there's even ice on his tentacles. Now he's trying to catch him and imprison him in the Middle Sea Prison!

Frozen Beach
SpiritRodCL2000 Rod (Credit to ExcitedGreenPig6 for Rod!)

Stage 1: Rod shoots three fireballs every few seconds. He can also summon ghosts that he uses to shield himself. (The ghosts don't respawn)

Stage 2: This spirit then starts to roam around quicker this time and can "scare" birds, this stuns birds and makes them drop to the ground.

Stage 3: He will now shoot all five fireballs in five directions and can now respawn ghosts that died in the last turn. Beware.

Second Scarer in Command!

Rod was a resident of a villa in Pig City. He was a friend of another ex-resident that lived in the villa, Rod Burn. He either went to his parties or listened to the music from his small villa. However, a criminal by the name of Jacket Pig went and murdered them. So they lived as spirits. As a spirit, Rod is the second in command, the first being Rod Burn, though, he wouldn't make a good leader.

Ghostly Mansion (As a Midboss)
SpiritRodburnCL2000 Rod Burn (Credit to ExcitedGreenPig6 for Rod Burn!)

Stage 1: Similar to Rod, he shoots three fireballs, but, they are napalm blue. And the ghosts he summon circle him. And then shoots them at your birds.

Stage 2: Rod Burn speeds up and throws ghost missiles on random locations. He scares birds like Rod but this knockbacks birds as well.

Stage 3: Finally, he breathes napalm fire infront of him. And also summons in ghosts from the last turn AND heals them.

Ghostly Commander!

Like Rod, he was a resident of the same villa. Coincidentially, they have the same name. Rod Burn loved partying, he threw big karaoke nights and disco parties. He was also one of the residents who were the victims of Jacket Pig. After becoming a spirit, he met together with six other spirits and he became the first in command. He loves scaring birds and pigs alike, especially those annoying blue birds...

Ghostly Mansion


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  • It is currently unknown of what will happen to Matilda during the events of the game, as she gets taken out in AB3.
    • Her healing ability is used by Olive Blue, however.
  • On level 4-8, one of the ghost pigs say that they'll trap the birds and taunt them until November. This is a reference to the bad ending in Angry Birds: The Blues and the City of Spirits.
  • The beta name for this game was Angry Birds Shadows of Darkness. This was changed because of Angry Birds: Out of Darkness.


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