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Angry Birds Bomb is a game by Rovio and Wither Games. It follows the adventures of Bomb as he tries to find the cause for his explosive abilities while trying to battle the evil pig wizard Oinko.


Bird Name Ability Unlocked
Bomb Bomb explodes, doing good damage. 1-1
Chuck Happy.No.1
Chuck Speeds up and goes really fast through blocks. 1-5
AB2 HALsprite1
Hal Hal flies somewhere, and then boomerangs back. 1-15
Bubbles Inflates, knocking over structures, then pops. 2-1
Arrow Shoots three arrows in different directions. Is also Bubbles's sister. 2-16
Wither Slams down to the ground, and everything he touches withers away. 3-1



Name Function
Glass Glass is a very weak material, can be destroyed instantly by all birds.
Wood Is slightly stronger than glass, and is most easily destroyed by Chuck or Arrow.
Stone A strong material, used in most structure bases to keep them sturdy. Broken easily by Bomb and Wither.
Gold Block Sheet
Gold Gold is very strong, and it takes a lot of birds to break one block.
Hard Candy Hard candy is about the strength of wood, but is irresistible to Bubbles, and he can't stop himself from eating the structure.
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