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For the remake, see Angry Birds Breadwinners - Rebaked.

Angry Birds Breadwinners is a game in the Angry Birds series and a crossover of Angry Birds and Breadwinners. The game introduces two new birds; SwaySway and Buhdeuce.

Angry Birds Breadwinners

Angry Birds Breadwinners.


After the pigs steal the birds' eggs again, right when they're about to sling, they go into a portal that Professor Pigsworth created. The birds find themselves at Pondgea. King Pig also sent his minions there.




Supporting Characters[]

  • Ketta (Repairs and upgrades the Rocket Van. She also upgraded the standard mine kart into a train-rollercoaster hybrid with a Breadzooka so the birds, SwaySway, and Buhdeuce can fight Stankasaurus.)
  • T-Midi (Sells Power-Ups for Duckbills, and Duckbills for real money at his house and everyday, he gives a random Power-Up set and Duckbill cost a 99% discount.)





  • Daily Event (come back every day to win more Duckbills.)
  • Weekly Tournament (complete challenges and come back next week to proclaim your prize.)
  1. Swam Pad
  2. Duck Town
  3. Tree City
  4. Bread Mines
  5. Ketta's Auto Tune-Up
  6. Camp Quackawanna
  7. Cruise Ship
  8. The Beach
  9. Pumpers
  10. Back at Piggy Island
  • Golden Loaves (Golden Eggs)
  • Feathered Fan Favorites (bonus episode)
  • Piggy Island is Back to Normal (bonus episode)


  • The reason Rovio chose Breadwinners out of all the Nickelodeon shows is because SwaySway and Buhdeuce are ducks and ducks are birds.
  • It is the first game to have a first boss that is female.
  • Up until Back to Piggy Island, the pigs were replaced with biker ducks.
  • All the power-ups in the game are types of bread that appear in the show.
  • Golden Loaves are this game's Golden Eggs.