Angry Birds Calendar is an Angry Birds game made by Rovio and Blackplus Games. It is released in 2015.8.1.


It's a pseudo-sequel to Angry Birds Seasons, and based on Pig Days. Now, each pig day is a level pack and has 10 levels. If you 3-star a level pack, a trophy (bonus level) will be unlocked in The Museum of Golden Signatured Events and a starred version the avatar of the level pack will be thrown in the title screen (like Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons) THX!!!!!!!!!!

Level Packs

Name                                                                 Day                                                                  Avatar

  1. Call the Eagle                            Apollo Landing Anniversary                                            Moon
  2. Compix Zone                                     Comic-Con 2014                                                   Wingman
  3. Defend the Nest                           AngryBirdsNest Birthday                                            Mooncake
  4. Pigsa is Leant                              Pisa Leaning Anniversary                                       Chuck on Pisa
  5. Leftward Compatibility                      Lefthanders Day                                                    Left Hand
  6. All Flyers                                             Aviation Day                                                       Aviator Pig
  7. Oinker's Rib                                         Bacon Day                                                      Frightened Pig
  8. Dunkapig                                      Basketball Finals 2014                                             Basketball
  9. Moon Festival Remastered                 Moon Festival                                                   'Rabbit' Moon
  10. Pigsellated                                        Video Game Day                                                    Joystick
  11. Brag aza Matey!                           Talk Like a Pirate Day                                        Capt. Moustache Pig
  12. Attack of the Orks                                 Hobbit Day                                                  Frodo & Bilbo's Hut
  13. Red's Mug                                  International Coffee Day                                               Full Mug
  14. Discover Hamreica!                           Colombus Day                                             Christopher Colompig
  15. Trigger a then b                            Learn the Code Day                                             Pig in the Binary
  16. All Hallows!                                        All Hallows' Eve                                                Pig in a Pumpkin
  17. Frankenhammie                                All Hallows' Day                                                   Franken Pig
  18. The Skullar Garden                          Day of the Dead                                                Pig's Skull Mask
  19. The Burning One                             Guy Fawkes Day                                                Executioner Pig
  20. Nobel Pigs Prize                                 Athisaari Days                                                Nobel 1996 Prize
  21. The Speedster Arrow                        William Tell Day                                                 Targeted Apple
  22. Hog Air Balloon                     First Hot Air Balloon Anniversary                         Blowing Mark of King Pig
  23. Head to Eggsgiving                            Thanksgiving                                                      Pilgrim Pigs

(more coming soon)

  • The Museum of Golden Signatured Events


  • If you beat a level pack but don't 3-star it, no bonus level will be unlocked and just the normal version of the avatar of the level pack will be thrown in the title screen.
  • Avatars of the level packs are same as what is in the map in the original game.
  • The level packs are drop-down expander and hasn't any 'episode card'.
  • The "X-1" (X stands for number of level pack) levels are original levels.
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