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Something 40

Angry Birds Cannon is a series of shorts that follow the epic not boring at all adventures of 5 angry birds. There were only 20 shorts made of it.


Once there was a group of birds just minding their own business. They were best buddies who talked about bird things. Like the latest feather trends, or the most luxurious new worms in stores. The thing was, these birds weren’t living in the bird populated areas, because they were overcrowded. So this bunch of birds lived in an unknown island. Throughout their days of living there, they would always get laughed at by bigs because they were out of place in the land. This happened so often, that the birds got very much angry. And so, they wanted revenge! They set up a cannon, and began attacking the bigs! Ha ha, that’ll show them!


Squawk the Red Bird

Speedy the Yellow Bird

Blu the Blue Bird (otherwise known as the jerk)

Big Beak the Green Bird

Eggsplode the White Bird


Minion Bigs

Big Bigs

King Big

Le Shorts

Fighting the Bigs

Big Tower

Time To Eggsplode

Big Darts

Big Big

Big Famiy

Big Tower 2

The Moving Bar

Big Pyramid

Big Box

Up and Over

The Gate

Bigs From Above

Big Big Tower

The Triangle

Big Darts 2

Levitating Big Tower


The Bounce Pad

Defeating the Bigs

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