Angry Birds Cartoon is a TV show that premiered on Cartoon Network, February, 7, 2014



The Number 1 of the flock. His anger rank is 10 out of 10. His secret is to sing to the eggs nursery rhihems

The Blues

The second youngest of the flock. Sometimes they go to Mighty Eagle's Cave. Their anger rank is 4 out of 10


The speedster of the flock. Terence scares him a lot. His anger rank is 6 out of 10.


Bomb has the worst temper of the flock. He likes The Blues and strawberry ice cream. His anger rank is 7 out of 10.


Matilda is the most peaceful of the flock. She likes gardening. Her anger rank is 1 out of 10


Hal likes to live in the Beard Forest with Bomb, Red, and The Eggs. His hobby is to play the banjo. His anger rank is 3 out of 10


Terence only grunts and grrs. He hates pigs. But he likes to be at Matilda's garden. His anger rank is 9 out of 10


Bubbles has a sweet beak for eating candy on Ham'o ween. He can balloon in size. His anger rank is 2 out of 10


Stella is the youngest of the flock. She's a spoiled brat. Her anger rank is 8 out of 10

Mighty Eagle

The largest and oldest of the flock. He hates every bird but The Blues. He like sardines. His anger rank is 5 out of 10

King Pig

The main antaolgist of the show.

Chef Pig

He cooks for King Pig. He likes grass.

Foreman Pig

The mad scientist of the show. He steals Professor Pig's ideas to egg- stealing machines

Professor Pig

The peaceful scientist. He doesn't build egg-stealing machines. He builds waterproof soap, ejector seats and Magnets

Corporal Pig

The big bully of the pigs. He glues his helmet to his head once.

Minion Pigs

Their are one trillion pigs in Pig City!

Anger Rank

Peace Penguins

  1. Matilda
  2. Bubbles
  3. Hal
  4. The Blues
  5. Mighty Eagle
  6. Chuck
  7. Bomb
  8. Stella
  9. Terence
  10. Red

Fury Flyers


Season 1

  1. Speedster Trouble
  2. A Deliucos Plan
  3. Terence Loves Matilda's Garden
  4. Love is in the Air
  5. Pig Army
  6. A Tale of Two Chucks
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