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Angry Birds Cereal is a cereal made by Nestle, Kellogg's and Rovio. On the back of each box is an Angry Birds Trading Card. You can buy it at Walmart, Costco Wholesale, Albertson's, Wellcome(Hong Kong), Park'n Shop, and 99¢ Only Stores.

Commercial Transcript[]

Narrator: Whaaaa it's the all new Angry Birds Cereal! (Man spills cereal out of box)

Red: Oh boy! My new Cereal!

King Pig: Red, what the heck is going on over here? I've got cereal all in my yard and it's all your fault!

Chuck and The Blues: Did somebody say Pizza?

Narrator: Angry Birds cereal is full of minerals and nutrients so that you can eat it!

Bomb: Give me some of that cereal! (Pours it in bowl)

Bomb: Have a bowl, Matilda!

Matilda: Hey! This Cereal looks like Red and King Pig!

Narrator: Well, That's right! Angry Birds Cereal looks just like Red and King Pig!

Bomb: Oh, this stuff is really good!

Red, Bomb, Chuck, Blues and Matilda (All at once): Random Gibberish!

Pigs: Now to take the eggs!

Bomb and Matilda: Ha ha ha ha!

Pigs: We're just gonna... (Box falls and kills the pigs)

Pigs: Ouch!

Hal: Yah-hoo hoo!

Bubble: My turn now!

Red: It's part of a balanced breakfast!

Narrator: Angry Birds Cereal! The only cereal with a free Angry Birds toy inside! In stores now!

Chuck: Give me that yummy delicious cereal! (Cereal spills all on him!) Om nom nom nom nom nom!

(Box falls and commercial ends!)