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Angry Birds And Cha-Ching Singers Need Go get Egg and Music Stuff from the bad singers.

The Game Will Release In January 2 2014.


Red Bird (scream)

Blue Bird (split into 3)

Yellow Bird (speeds up)

Black Bird (explodes)

White Bird (drops egg bomb)

Green Bird (reverses its direction)

Big Brother Bird (moans)

Orange Bird (infates)

Pink Bird (blow bubbles)


Prudence (play the electric guitar as loud as fast)

Pepper (play the piano as fast as good)

Charity (sing The Song)

Justin (play the electric guitar as loud as good)

Bobby (play the brum loudly)

Zul (Play The guitar as good as nice)

Episodes (Season 1)[]

  1. Escape,Stole,Slend And Donade A.K.A Earn,Save,Spend And Donate
  2. It's Got to be Stolling A.K.A It's Got to be Earned
  3. Entreprender A.K.A Entrepreneur
  4. Grow Egg A.K.A Grow Money
  5. Stolling for Supended A.K.A Saving For Success
  6. Just in Stole A.K.A Just In Case
  7. Stole Your Egg Wisely My Friend A.K.A Spend Your Money Wisely My Friend
  8. Please Little Stoler Think A.K.A Please Little Spend Think
  9. Bad Piggles Revenge A.K.A Charity
  10. When You Get Egg And Moneys A.K.A When You Get Money(Final Episode)

Episodes(Season 2)[]

  1. Back to The Money Stoler A.K.A Back to The Budget
  2. Invisible Eggs A.K.A Invisible Money
  3. I Make Eggs Too A.K.A I Make Money Too

Available On[]

IPhone & IPad


Mac & PC

Xbox 360




The Game Was Announced On May 9 2015.Because Rovio Need More Games.