Angry Birds City is a game similar to CityVille and games we create own our own cities, countries, planets, etc. In it we can create our own Pigyy Island (where Angry Birds live), we can construct slingshots, stores items, nests (birds for residents), training schools and more. In the game you control both parts of Piggy Island, the kingdom of pigs and birds village.

Mini Games

In this game own several mini games to play when you're not managing your island, we can make more money on them, some items needed for administration of the island and its missions. The Mini Games are

Angry Birds - The normal game we play with the birds angry forever, but we have this other chapters.

Bad Piggies -The normal game of Bad Piggies, but with new chapters.

Fly for the Space - A game in which we must use the characters of Angry Birds Space. In this game we use them to climb up to the space using the energy of crystals of power.

Piggies Attacks - In this game we play with the pigs. In it we plot the best possible plan to steal the eggs of birds.

Star Wars Lightsaber Battle - In this game we use the Angry Birds characters from Star Wars and we must fight against another character using lightsabers

Items of the game

Here are listed all the game items, from birds to schools training. More coming soon


Red Birds

Yellow Birds

Blue Birds

White Birds

Black Birds

Green Birds

Orange Birds

Pink Birds

Blue Macaws(Blu and Jewel)

Rio Birds(Birds of the Angry Birds Rio game)

Minion Pigs

Medium Pigs

Big Pigs

Houses for birds

Small House

Medium House

Big House

Bird Hotel

Bird Ville(7 birds houses)

Houses for pigs

Small Stacker

Medium Stacker

Big Stacker

Super Stacker

Stacker Tower(10 pigs stackers)

Mini games stations

Slingshot - for the Angry Birds game

Test Garaje - for the Bad Piggies game

Jump Station - for the Fly For The Space game

Secret Hideout - for the Piggies Attack game

Death Star - for the Star Wars Lightsaber Battle game


Birds Town - Only for Birds side

King Pig Castle - Only for Pigs side

Treining Schools(for birds)

Slingshot School

Angry School

Attack School

Control School

Egg School

Treining Schools(for piggies)

Assaul School

Guard School

Baby Pigs Shcool

Birds Shops

Slinghshot Store

Seed Store

Costume Store

Powerup Store

Rebelion Shop(Star Wars)

Birds Game Shop

Piggies Shops

Defense Store

Food Store

Protectors Store(Costumes)

Force Store

Imperium Shop(Star Wars)

Piggies Game Shop


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