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Angry Birds Code is a game on which instead of completing the previous level needs a code for each level.


A small number of birds arrived in this game.

Slimy Bird[]

This lime green bird aims its long beak onto the nearest pig; its ability is splatting slime at the aimed pig. This bird is found at C-9.

Emergency Bird[]

This blue and red bird rotates fast. Each color glows except the beak's color, the eyes' colors and the stomach's color. Its ability is going straight to the nearest pig and traps the pig in a cage and brings it to the birds. This bird is found at C-18

Ninja Bird[]

This black bird wearing a ninja mask and belt has a hundred katanas on his back. When clicked, it spreads its katanas all over the structure in an exploding effect and kills all pigs each katana hits.

Breaker Bird[]

This green bird can break through all structures except rubber.

Unlocking Levels[]

It can be found here.


The birds are in a mysterious factory where the pigs are. The entrance and exit are locked and the birds need a code to unlock levels C-2 to C-21. Glass is turned to wood; wood into stone; stone into rubber; rubber into ground and ground into glass. The birds are stronger, so let's go help the birds back to their nest!

New Materials[]

There are 2 new materials. Here they are.


This is the one of a few materials that are not changed. It is the second hardest vurnerable material, the first being stone. It is only broken by the Breaker Bird and the Mighty Eagle.


This is one of a few materials that are not changed. It is the fourth invincible material, the only material to be in a single bird's color. This material can be only pass through by the Mighty Eagle and the bird with the same color.