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Angry Birds Collection: Element Fantasy[]

This is when Maya was about to explore the 10 elements.[]

She got serious when Mighty Red appeared, and took the elements away.

Her friends were captured and trapped in a cage.

She began to search for the elements. Then she saw one of her friends trapped in the forest.

One of them was hanging on a rope, upside down. The others are just in their cages.

She broke them and they were set free. They went together to search the elements.

When they were able to find the 10 elements, they have their abilities back.

When Red noticed that they found the elements, he blocks their way out.

Maya was very serious and very angry at him. She activated the elements and turned them as a shield.

She charged angrily and battled each other. He noticed that the elements together were stronger than

his power. He was frozen in crystals and everything was back to normal.

Here are the characters' abilities:

  • Maya: Charges fast with sparkles
  • Mighty Red: Moves fast with flames
  • Chuck: Runs fast with lightning
  • Jamaira: Flaps and makes the lightning strike the target
  • Bomb: Explodes the target
  • Jake: Charges Fast with water
  • Jay: Flys fast in the air
  • Jim: Rolls fast in lightning
  • Hal: Shoots boomerangs at the target
  • Jewel: Summons a stalk to destroy the object blocking the target
  • Rafael: Rotates clockwise and moves fast in night
  • Blu: Ability to fly fast in the air and leaving a tornado behind