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Angry Birds Colours is a new game in the Angry Birds Series . The plot is the Birds going to a strange land with new birds and pigs.


  • Pink Bird (Fanon) & Robo Bird
    Violet Bird.png

Pink Bird invented a big Robo Bird so he could walk! Tap where you want to move then press the gun button. Then tap where you want to shoot a Bomb Bird!

  • Purple Bird
    Purple Bird.png

When the screen is tapped he opens his beak and eats any pig he hits.

  • Swampy Jungle Bird
Swampy Jungle Bird.jpg

Very much like Yellow Bird, he will go at high speed when the screen is tapped. But Brown Bird can drill through anything, even stone.

  • Orange Bird (Fanon)

    Orange bird after hitting stone or floor.

Orange Bird isn't shot out of the slingshot, but is thrown at the pigs by Blu and Jewel .

Unplayable Birds

  • Green Bird (Fanon)
  • Charcoal Bird
  • Lime Bird
  • Navy Bird
  • White Bird (Fanon)
  • Dark Green Bird
  • Light Blue Bird
  • Cyan Bird
  • Cerulean Bird
  • Maroon Bird


1. Easter In Winter?: 30 levels 2. Paint World: 30 levels 3. Mystery Of The Eggs: 65 levels 4. Pigs in Stock: 45 levels

5. Pigs in cages?: 42 levels

6. Final Battle: 48 levels

7. Golden Eggs

Bonus: Blu Joins

Secret: Toku Joins About


  • In the Paint World episode, the pigs are purple.
  • It is possible that the can of paint at the end of Easter In Winter took the birds to Paint World.
  • When on the episode Paint World, if you call for the Mighty Eagle, a paint brush paints him.
  • In the Pigs in Stock? episode, the pigs are yellow.
  • A boomerang bird will appear in Paint World 4-12 but it is color black.
  • In Pig in Cages? episode, pigs are in cages.