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Angry Birds Comics 1 front

The front cover of the first Angry Birds Comics.

Angry Birds Comics is a magazine of Angry Birds, that started January 2015

Note:  Every Angry Birds Comics has a pictures part in it. if you want to, you can make a picture and put them in the comments here.

Future Events[]

  • A new book, Angry Birds Comics: The Comic Book will be released.
  • Angry Birds Comics: 20 in 1, is an upcoming book, set to be released after the 21st Angry Birds Comics is released.
  • Da Comiks U Missed of Angry Birdz Comikz, an upcoming book of the comics found in the magazines (excluding exclusive comics) is released soon.
  • Angry Birds Comics: The Television Version is a TV show that is coming soon.

Past Angry Birds Comics[]

Current Angry Birds Comics[]

Future Angry Birds Comics[]

  1. Comics #1
  2. Comics #2
  3. Comics #3
  4. Comics #4
  5. Comics #5
  6. The Comic Book #1
  7. Comics #6
  8. Comics #7
  9. Comics #8
  10. Comics #9
  11. Comics #10
  12. Comics #11
  13. Comics #12
  14. Comics #13
  15. Comics #14
  16. Comics #15
  17. Comics #16

Angry Birds Comics Toys[]

That's right! Like most magazines, Angry Birds Comics contains a toy.

  • Toy #1: Slingshot and 4 balls with Red Bird and Yellow Bird and Pig faces on (1 red, 1 yellow, 2 pig)
  • Toy #2: Mini "Wood" (plastic wood) collection. (Goes well with Slingshot from previous comic)
  • Toy #3: Red Stickers, Blue Bird balls (3). (Goes well with Slingshot from Comic #1)
  • Toy #4: Code for free Plastic Pig Creator Toy when buying something, Collection of Birds Part 1 (Red Bird small toy)
  • Toy #5: No toy; something good inside.
  • Comic Book Toy #1: None.

Toys gallery[]