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Poached!!! Part 1

  • Red: A nice day today. No pigs to take the eggs.
  • Red: With Chuck looking after them, nothing could go wrong!
  • Red: Wait...he looked weird...
  • Pig (in Chuck Costume): Oh boy! Eggs!
  • King Pig: Now put the eggs in the costume!

Cooking with Chef Pig

  • You need: Eggs, Chocolate (melted), Pan, Fire or oven. To cook with.
  1. Us piggies love eggs, but Chocolate Eggs are better!
  2. First you must take your egg.
  3. Melt your chocolate, if not already done.
  4. Cover the egg in the chocolate, then leave to cool the chocolate.
  5. Cook your egg.
  6. Leave egg to cool, then enjoy.

more soon


More soon.

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