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Angry Birds Crazy 3: Very Crazy! is an Angry Birds game made by Rovio and Blackplus Games. It's a sequel to Angry Birds: Crazy and Angry Birds: Crazy Too.

It released in 2014 April Fool's Day (2014.4.1).


It's actually a compilation of last two games, but each episode has a certain craziness.


Redd Burd

Bleu Burds

Yielov Burd

Blakk Burd

Vyth Burd

Beeg Bruder Burd

Buumerang Burd

Bable Burd

Peenck Burd


Smul Peeg

Midiem Peeg

Larj Peeg

Hellmett Peeg

Mostash Peeg

Kyng Peeg

Episodes and their craziness[]

1. Flip Over                                                     Upside-Down

2. Degravitized                                                Anti-Gravity

3. Oncoming                                                    Pigs have a Slingshot

4. Crashed?                                                    Giltchy Pigs

5. It is Magenta                                                Inverted Colors

6. Pixel Pix                                                       Pixellation

7. No Color Contrast                                       B & W Screen

8. Magic Carpets                                            Gravity exist, but some structures are floating.

9. Mutant Birds                                               Weirdly Birds

10. It's not my Real Face                                Stretched Graphics

11. Topsy-Turvy                                             Odd Scenery

12. Super Mud Eaters                                   2x Power Pigs

Crazy Builder

Crazy Builder[]

You can build your levels here, but you must have a factor of craziness. All craziness listed above has a button in Crazy Builder. If you click on 'ODD SCENERY' button, the screen will be like MS Paint screen and you can make your edits there.

If you build a level without any factor of craziness, the game errors 'IT IS ORDINARY'.

r313@s3 d4735[]

Ai Ou ES & An Droid: (2015-1).(2*2).(5/5)

Mack & Pee Cee: (2013+1).(1*4).[(24/3)/4]


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