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Angry Birds: Crossovers is a video game developed by Rovio Mobile, in conjunction with Halfbrick Studios, The Tetris Company, and several other companies.


Angry Pac-Birds[]

In this Level, Players must fire birds, Pac-Man, And Miss Pac-Man at flashing dots in the first 15 levels while avoiding the ghosts, then shoot the ghosts in the next 30. Pac-Mans ability is to change direction continuosly every time it is tapped until it reaches the very end of the screen. Miss Pac-Mans ability is the same, but when she runs into a structure it stops working.

Pig Ninja[]

In Pig Ninja, players must slice pigs. There are three sections: Classic, which includes birds which wen sliced end the game, and if three pigs are missed the game will also end; Zen, with only pigs, but each level is on a 1 and a half minute time limit; And arcade (On the same time limit), which has three power ups (Freeze, which stops the timer for 10 second; Frenzy, which adds a large succession of random pigs for bonus points; And double, which doubles all points within 10 seconds). Each level has a different score aim.

Angry Tetris[]

Birds are fired at pigs hidden in shelters of tetris blocks. The blocks are unbreakable, but rows of them dissapear when additional "Birds" (Tetris block's with bird faces) are fired to fit in to the spaces, leaving the pigs exposed to the actual birds.

Doodle Birds[]

A crossover with Doodle Jump, players fire birds upwards to get to the next platform.

Angry War[]

A crossover with angry pigs. Pigs are fired at birds and birds are fired at pigs, and the slingshot and structure are transported with the birds to avoid pigs. It can be played in multiplayer as well.

Early Pig[]

A crossover with Early Bird, the pig must to kill birds and get sausage eggs.