Angry Birds DX Plus is a redux overhaul of Angry Birds Trilogy. Due to the success of Angry Birds Silvagunner Shooter µ's took one more collab with Rovio to make the episode Nico Nico Need to Stop.


The Pigs stole the eggs and the Flock is not happy about it.

Some of μ's try to stop it but they get stolen in the process.

Changes overall and new features

The loading screen takes homage to the very first version of Angry Birds Classic. There is a new interface for level selection. You can make your own levels via the stage creator. You can submit your levels so you can get the top spot in Stage Convention mode. In the new episode, you can change the birds. The restrictions tell which birds are banned and how many birds you can use.

Playable Characters and Abilities

Red - Lets out a battle cry, or locks onto a target with mighty feathers

Chuck - Increase speed

Bomb - Explodes when tapped or when he turns red

The Blues - Shoots into three

Matilda - Lays egg bombs

Hal - Curve Backwards

Terence - Destroys everything in his path

Bubbles - Puffs up like a balloon

Stella - Traps pigs into bubbles or uses her trusty parkour skills

Silver - Curves downwards.

Ruby - Same powers as Red

Frosh - Freezes in a 3x3 radius

Tony - Like Silver but more simple

Hockey Bird Rick - Shoots a Hockey Puck at enemies

Rin Hoshizora - Although not a bird, she lets out a powerful sneeze

Blu - Flaps feathers to whack enemies

Jewel chained on Blu - Takes grip on enemies

Mighty Creatures

All of the creatures have the same powers.

Mighty Eagle

Deadly/Sword Spirit's Soul

Mighty Dragon

Mighty Spalding Basketball

Mighty Philadelphia Eagle

Mighty Chester Cheetah

Non - Playable Characters

Intel Logo - Shopkeeper

Da Hummer - Crash Reporter

Nico Yazawa - Announces winners in Stage Convention mode

BenthePro123456 - Starts the Tutorials

Egg - Mocker in bonus cartoons

Cinematic trailer

An old-school Rovio Tiny Toons logo appears which is a homage to the original Angry Birds cinematic trailer.

Nico and Nozomi tried to attack by using mini slingshots but get captured by the pigs. The two girls proceed to scream. The Birds proceed to get angry and the egg says this.

Egg: It has been several years since the first time I said this but. I SWEAR YOU BIRDS HAVE NO CLUE ON WHAT YOU'RE DOING! This is a reference to the Arabic fan animation Angry Revolution.

Rin: My friends are in trouble, so I need to step up!

Everyone gets inside the slingshot and make a logo like the loading screen of Angry Birds 2.

Unused Content

With the help of data mining in the games' files, there's a file called People predict that there's a new mode like the really impressive knockoff called Cannon Bird with five worlds.


This takes a lot of Angry Birds games and combines them into one. Something like Trilogy, Online, Chrome, Chrome X

This is the second game to feature anime characters. First being Angry Birds Silvagunner Shooter.

The cinematic trailer tells a synopsis on what's to come in the episode Nico Nico Need to Stop

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