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Angry Birds Darkness is the game base from Sonic Unleashed, but the birds didn't turn to werebirds and The Light Gaia is replaced of Sun Bird, Moon Bird, Star Bird and the birds didn't have an adventure.



Dark Gaia Bird

Angry Birds and Pigs just stay in island but then the island begin to seperate and the light was gone and they sees the news that the wprld has same thing happen in the island and then Sun Bird,Moon Bird,Star Bird appears and tell them the reason and they fight..fight..fight and then kill the Dark Gaia Bird and the world becomes normal.



  • Red Bird - Screams
  • Blue Bird - Splits into three
  • Yellow Bird - Speed Boost
  • Black Bird - Acts as a bomb
  • White Bird - Drops an egg bomb
  • Boomerang Bird - Acts as a boomerang
  • Big Brother Bird - Moans
  • Orange Bird - Inflates
  • Pink Bird - Blow the Bubbles
  • Drill Bird - Through pass everything and acts like a boomerang and throught pass things again
  • Doom Bird - DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!! (Explode zombies in all lanes)


  • Small Pig - Spin
  • Medium Pig - Dash
  • Large Pig - Meteor Smash
  • Giant Pig - Inflates
  • Armor Pig - Bump
  • Mustache Pig - Stone Rain
  • King Pig - Throw items
  • Construction Pig - Throw the hammer and nails
  • Cowboy Pig - bundle
  • Sherrif Pig - bundle
  • Miner Pig - Throw the digger


What happened?

Help the world

Darkness Coming

Heal the Earth

Space Invaders

Back to world

Almost there!

Dark Gaia


Gallery of New Bird[]