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Angry Birds Deluxe - Rovio Mashup Bonus Edition is the Lite/Bonus version of Angry Birds Deluxe and was released in 2015.3.3, the 2nd anniversary of the original game.

What it has[]

For each "background" of the original game, it has 1 level. Here, the levels are named.

Levels and their backgrounds[]

Episode 1. Guilty Pigs

1-1. First Steps                                                  Theme 1 Poached Eggs

1-2. Noon Nab                                                   Theme 2 Poached Eggs

1-3. Sunset Fighters                                          Theme 3 Poached Eggs

1-4. Grassy Plains                                             Theme 4 & 5 Mighty Hoax

1-5. Forest of Kidnap                                         Theme 6 Danger Above

1-6. Nightly Fight                                               Theme 7 Danger Above

1-7. Snowed In                                                  Theme 8 Danger Above

1-8. Wild Wild High                                            Ham 'em High

1-9. Mine and Dine                                            Mine and Dine

1-10. Cakeland                                                  Birdday Party Cake 1

1-11. Bombakeland                                            Birdday Party Cake 2

1-12. Green Greens: Cake Edition                     Birdday Party Cake 3

1-13. Happy Birthday IV                                      Birdday Party Cake 4

1-14. Ground Hog Day                                       Theme 21 Bad Piggies

1-15. ...they're going to die!                                Theme 22 & 23 Bad Piggies

1-16. Mighty Feathers                                         Red's Mighty Feathers

1-17. Short Fuse                                                 Short Fuse

1-18. Some Kinda... TEST Mode?                       Birdday 5

1-19. Fresh Breeze                                             Surf and Turf Part 1

1-20. Fishy                                                          Surf and Turf Part 2

1-21. Typhoon Time                                            Surf and Turf Part 3

Episode 2. Seasons

2-1. Trick or Treat                                                Trick or Treat

2-2. Season's Greedings                                     Season's Greedings

2-3. Hogs and Kisses                                          Hogs and Kisses

2-4. Go Green, Get Lucky                                   Go Green, Get Lucky

2-5. Easter Eggs                                                  Easter Eggs

2-6. Summer Pignic                                             Summer Pignic

2-7. Can you hear me?                                        Summer Pignic Space Theme

2-8. Moon Festival                                               Moon Festival          

2-9. Ham'o'ween                                                  Ham'o'ween 

2-10. Wreck the Halls                                          Wreck the Halls  

2-11. Year of the Dragon                                      Year of the Dragon 

2-12. Cherry Blossom                                           Cherry Blossom

2-13. Piglantis                                                       Piglantis

2-14. Back to School                                             Back to School

2-15. Haunted Hogs                                              Haunted Hogs

2-16. Winter Wonderham                                      Winter Wonderham

2-17. An Ultrafrost Adventure                                Winter Wonderham Intel Eggs

2-18. Abra-Ca-Bacon                                             Abra-Ca-Bacon

2-19. Arctic Eggspedition                                       Arctic Eggspedition

2-20. South Hamerica                                            South Hamerica

2-21. Ham Dunk                                                     Ham Dunk

2-22. On Morning Ice                                              On Finn Ice Morning Theme

2-23. Evening Breeze                                             On Finn Ice Evening Theme

2-24. Night Show of Aporkalyptica                          On Finn Ice Night Theme

Episode 3. Birdo De Janiero

3-1. Smuggler's Den                                               Smuggler's Den

3-2. Jungle Chase                                                   Jungle Chase

3-3. Beach Volley                                                    Beach Volley

3-4. Carnival Upheaval                                            Carnival Upheaval

3-5. Airfield Chase                                                   Airfield Chase

3-6. Smugglers' Plane                                             Smugglers' Plane

3-7. Market Mayhem                                               Market Mayhem

3-8. Golden Beachball                                             Golden Beachball

3-9. Rocket Rumble                                                 Rocket Rumble

3-10. High Dive                                                        High Dive

3-11. Blossom River                                                 Blossom River

3-12. Timber Tumble                                                Timber Tumble

3-13. Hidden Harbor                                                 Hidden Harbor

3-14. Tropicana Playgrounds                                    Playgrounds

Episode 4. Cosmic Birds

4-1. Pig Bang Theory                                               Pig Bang

4-2. Iceteroids                                                          Cold Cuts & Fly Me to the Moon

4-3. Sweetopia                                                         Utopia

4-4. Red Planet                                                        Red Planet

4-5. Pig Dipper                                                         Pig Dipper

4-6. Cosmic Crystals                                                Cosmic Crystals

4-7. Beak Impact                                                      Beak Impact

4-8. Danger Zone                                                     Danger Zone

4-9. Good Egg Galaxy                                              Eggsteroids

Episode 5. He wants to be a Jedi

5-1. Tatooine                                                             Tatooine (Inside)

5-2. Outooine                                                            Tatooine (Outside)

5-3. Death Star Reservoirs                                        Death Star (Outside)

5-4. Death Star                                                          Death Star (Inside)

5-5. Battle of Hoth                                                     Hoth - Part 1

5-6. Mynock Cave                                                     Hoth - Part 2

5-7. Bepsin                                                                Cloud City - Part 1

5-8. WTH in that Shuttle?                                          Cloud City - Part 2

5-9. Steamfowl Sanctuary                                         Cloud City - Part 3

5-10. Endor                                                                Moon of Endor

5-11. Enhanced Death Star                                       Death Star II

5-12. Dagobah                                                           Path of the Jedi

5-13. Destructive Droids                                            Bonus

Episode 6. First Fight

6-1. Naboo                                                                 Naboo Invasion (Bird Side)

6-2. Outside Naboo                                                   Naboo Invasion (Pork Side)

6-3. The Escape                                                        Escape to Tatooine (Bird Side)

6-4. Jawa Massacre                                                  Escape to Tatooine (Pork Side)

6-5. Naboo, Another Time                                         Battle of Naboo (Bird Side)

6-6. Flaming Fegundo!                                              Battle of Naboo (Pork Side)

6-7. Kamino: Upwards                                               Rise of the Clones (Bird Side)

6-8. Kamino: Grounds                                               Rise of the Clones (Pork Side)

6-9. Underwater                                                        Reward Chapter

Episode 7. Weekly Rewing

7-1. The Colosseum                                                  Weekly Tourenament - Night (old)

7-2. Tatooine... Digged!                                             Star Wars Tournament

7-3. The New Colosseum                                           Weekly Tourenament - Day (current)

7-4. Dirty Lotus                                                          Lotus F1 Tournament

7-5. Purple Haze                                                        Halloween 2012

7-6. The Lotus Spaceship                                         Lotus F1 Tournament (ABSW Premiere)

7-7. Origins of the Halls                                             Christmas 2013

7-8. Hogs and Love Bombs                                       Valentine 2014

7-9. Mr. Bad Guy for a Day                                        Freddy for a Day

7-10. Rio Show                                                          Rock in Rio

7-11. Coming of the Undead                                      Halloween 2013

7-12. Aurora Freezis                                                 Christmas 2014

7-13. On Ice                                                              December 30th 2013

7-14. Chocolate Island                                              Valentine 2014

7-15. W Stands for Wingman                                    Wingman Tournament

7-16. Raffle on the Rainbow                                     Easter 2014

7-17. Copa de Aves                                                  Bird Cup Tournament / Champions

7-18. Office Yard                                                      Office Tournament

7-19. Curse of the Mummy Pig                                 Halloween 2014

7-20. Pango                                                              Pangolins Tournament

Episode 8. Ready, Set, GO!

7-1. Seedway                                                            Seedway

7-2. Rocky Road                                                       Rocky Road

7-3. Air                                                                       Air

7-4. Stunt                                                                   Stunt

7-5. Sub Zero                                                             Sub Zero

Episode 9. An Epig Battle

Episode 10. Stellarvore

Episode 11. More than Meets the Egg

Episode 12. WWW.birds

Episode 13. Extra Mashup!

13-1. Alex's Inventions I                                              Amazing Alex - The Classroom

13-2. Alex's Inventions II                                             Amazing Alex - The Backyard

13-3. Alex's Inventions III                                            Amazing Alex - Alex's Bedroom

13-4. Alex's Inventions IV                                            Amazing Alex - The Treehouse

13-5. The Croods                                                       The Croods

13-6. Summer Try                                                       RETRY - Summer

13-7. Winter Try                                                          RETRY - Winter

13-8. Future Try                                                          RETRY - Future

13-9. Egyptian Try                                                       RETRY - Pyramids

13-10. Mashup of the Stars                                         Rovio Stars Collection (see below)

Mashup of the Stars (Level 13-10)[]

It is based of Rovio Stars games. It is a level backgrounded on Plunder Pirates, featuring Tiny Thief, Grape Juice Cube and a Word Monster. It was going to make BG from Icebreaker, but it scrapped due to ceasing Icebreaker from Rovio Stars (also Word Monster for the same reason).