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Angry Birds Disaster is Pop/Pig destroyer game based on Angry Birds 2. This includes Stella's flock,Red's Flock,Ice Bird,Bubbles,Silver and Hal. It features new bird called Spicy Ice Bird


Gale created the "Holy Empire of Gale",after united with King Pig,witch includes Birds' land on her own empire's map. Will Birds split up the empire?


1-10 Fire tree

10-20 Volcano

20-30 Pop bubble

30-40 Explosive Stella

40- Infinity And on (if infinity mode enabled) 40-50 Boss (if infinity mode disabled)


Stella's flock(Stella,Poppy,Luca,Willow,Dahlia)

Red's flock (Red,Chuck,Blues,Matilda,Bomb,Terrance,Silver,Ice Bird,Spicy Ice Bird,Hal,Bubbles,Tony,Female Red Bird)



Pig Blocks

Golden Pig

Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Coropal Pig(Toons from Season 1 and 2)

Foreman Pig

Chef Pig

King Pig



Stella - New ability,causing an an very large explosion when she hit the pigs very hard

Terrance - Laser eyes


Pig blocks

Golden blocks

Pink Ice blocks

Bubbles from Angry Birds Stella POP

Wooden blocks

Stone blocks


Bad Ending:Gale takes control of Bird's land,then give the eggs to King Pig and he eats the eggs

Netural Ending:Peace with birds,Gale and King Pig have two golden eggs

Good Ending: Empire of Gale is no longer exist,Gale is the only one to survive the attack


In Canada,it was originally called "Angry Birds Gale Empire" with just 10 normal levels,but when Gale caused many level disasters,it changes into "Angry Birds Disaster"

Cards and spells return from AB 2

Powerups return from AB Seasons(including Power seed,Mighty Dragon),all slingshots from AB friends clone shot: multiplies each bird by 3(multiplies each of the blues making them turn into 9),Multi-Stages from AB 2 return

Power and Wind stretch line return from Old Angry Birds

Carts from Angry Birds Go! return as of update in November 3 2017

Minigames based on Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Go!, and Angry Birds Epic as of update in November 3 2017