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It is like the Telepizza game but in French. Angry Birds Domino's Pizza is a game dubbed in French and later English (in 2019) that includes levels from Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio as well as a Story Mode to get with the Domino's Pizza story. Its release is June 7th, 2014.




  • Red [in Story Mode, Special Delivery 1-1, in Classic Levels, Poached Eggs 1]
  • The Blues [in Story Mode, Special Delivery 1-6, in Classic Levels, Poached Eggs 10]
  • Chuck [in Story Mode, Special Delivery 1-13, in Classic Levels, Poached Eggs 16]
  • Bomb [in Story Mode, Special Delivery 2-4, in Classic Levels, Poached Eggs 26]
  • Matilda [in Story Mode, Special Delivery 2-11, in Classic Levels,

Poached Eggs 35]

  • Hal [in Story Mode, The Domino Mountains 3-7, in Classic Levels, Danger Above 4 (playable in Danger Above 5]
  • Terrence, [in Story Mode, The Domino Mountains 4-1, in Classic Levels, The Big Setup 1]
  • Bubbles [in Story Mode, 20,000 Orders to Go 5-5, in Classic Levels, Ham-o-ween 4]
  • Stella [in Story Mode, 20,000 Orders to Go 6-7]
  • Blu---Jewel [in Classic Levels, Jungle Escape 30]
  • Blu [in Classic Levels, Carnival Upheaval 1]
  • Mighty Eagle [in Story Mode, Special Delivery 1-1 if used then, in Classic Levels Poached Eggs 1 if used then]
  • Mighty Dragon [only for use in Year of the Dragon in Classic Levels-Seasons]



Classic Levels:Angry Birds[]

' means when after a letter, a dash is supposed to appear on top of the letter.

  • 1. Oeufs poche's (Poached Eggs) [debut of Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb and Matilda]
  • 2. Canular Puissant (Mighty Hoax)
  • 3. Peri'l Dessus (Danger Above) [debut of Hal]
  • 4. Le Big Programme D'installation (The Big Setup, the ' does not mean dash, it is apostrophe, and this translation may be wrong) [debut of Terence]
  • 5. Em Ham Haute (Ham 'em High)
  • 6. Mine et Di'nez (Mine and Dine)
  • 7. Niveaux Bonis (Bonus Levels)
  • 8. Oeufs D'or (Golden Eggs)

Classic Levels:Angry Birds Seasons[]

  • 1. Bonbons ou un Sort (Trick or Treat) [debut of Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Hal and Terence] (the Ambience for Ham'o'ween is not used)
  • 2. Les Greedings La Saison (Season's Greedings) (Level 5 is from original Seasons, as the Galaxy one and the three bonus levels from Chrome appear in Bonus Levels)
  • 3. Porcs et baisers (Hogs and Kisses)
  • 4. Aller Porc, Get Lucky! (Translation:Go Hog, Get Lucky with Hog replacing Green) [debut of St. Patrick's Red Bird]
  • 5. Oeufs de Pa'ques (Easter Eggs the episode) (the 10 Golden Eggs are present)
  • 6. Ete' Pignic (Summmer Pignic) (Like in Chrome, the calendar is not advent)
  • 7. Mooncake Festival (Moon Festival, or Mooncake Festival) (there are golden mooncake pieces, unlike in Chrome)
  • 8. Ham'o'ween (Ham'o'ween) [debut of Bubbles]
  • 9. Anne'e du Dragon (Year of the Dragon) [debut of Mighty Dragon]
  • 10. Fleur de cerisier (Cherry Blossom, Bubbles is present unlike Chrome but Terrence is still on Cherry Blossom 2)
  • 11. Piglantis (Piglantis)
  • 12. Niveaux Bonis (Bonus Levels)

Classic Levels:Angry Birds Rio[]

  • 1. Den Contrebandier (Smuggler's Den) [debut of Red, The Blues, Chuck and Matilda (Matilda appears in 70 stars level)]
  • 2. Jungle Echap (Jungle Escape) [debut of Blu---Jewel and Hal (Hal appears in bonus level)
  • 3. De'charge De Plage (Beach Volley) [debut of Bomb]
  • 4. Carnaval Bouleversement (Carnival Upheaval) [debut of Blu]
  • 5. Airfield Chase (Airfield Chase) [debut of Terrence]
  • 6. Le Avion De Contrebandier (Smuggler's Plane) [debut of Bubbles]
  • 7. Niveaux Bonis (Bonus Levels)

Story Mode Episodes[]

These episodes are in English while everything else is in French.

  • 1. Special Delivery
  • 2. The Domino Mountains
  • 3. 20,000 Orders to Go


  • Golden Eggs and Fruits still remain in Classic Levels.
  • In Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons when you enter Classic Levels the birds have the old design. When you go to Story Mode and Angry Birds Rio, the birds have their new design. The pig designs are from Angry Birds Chrome.
  • Golden Eggs are in order which there are found, ex:The golden egg found in the "i" is #1, the treasure chest found in 1-8 is #3.