Angry Birds Donuts are donuts made by Dunkin Donuts and Rovio Mobile.


  • Red-Red Velvet
  • Chuck-Lemon
  • The Blues-Blue Raspberry
  • Bomb-Chocolate
  • Matilda-Vanilla
  • Hal-Vanilla, Dyed Green
  • Terence-Apple
  • Bubbles-Apple Cider
  • Stella-Strawberry
  • Silver-Cookies and Cream
  • Mighty Eagle-Coffee
  • Mighty Dragon-Soda
  • Pigs-Green Munchkins

TV and Radio Commercial Transcript


  • (Angry Birds theme song plays)
  • Announcer: Introducing... Angry Birds Donuts! The latest food from Angry Birds!
  • Red: Red Velvet! (eats)
  • Jay:Blue! (eats)
  • Jake:Rasbe! (eats)
  • Jim: RRy! (eats)
  • Chuck: Le~mon! (eats)
  • Bomb: Chocolate! (Explodes and eats)
  • Matilda: Vanilla! (eats)
  • Hal: Vanil- (Moves like a boomerang and knocks over green dye which turns the white donut green) Ummmmmm.... Dyed Green? (Smiles and then eats)
  • Terence: Ruff~! (eats) (Hals machine translates it to Apple)
  • Hal:Apple
  • Bubbles: Apple Cider! (inflates and eats) Eh! I'll stick to chocolate but I think you will like it.
  • Stella: Strawberry! (Blows a Bubble and Eats)
  • Silver: COOKIEZ… and CREEEAM!!! (eats)
  • Mighty Eagle: Coffee~! (eats)
  • Mighty Dragon: Soda! (gong sound)
  • Pig: Green!
  • Hal: HEY THAT IS MY FLAVOR (Hal tries to hit the pig but turns the donut into munchkins)
  • Pig: Green Munchkin???
  • Hal: Much better (Hal walks away watching the pig)
  • Voice: All products from Angry Birds Donuts! Available now from Rovio Mobile! Now at your local Dunkin Donuts
  • (Rovio Mobile Logo and Dunkin Donuts Logo)


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