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Angry Birds Doodle is a game made by Rovio Studios.

Angrybirds doodle

The games Boxart.


One day the the Angry Birds were running around and then the red bird ran into a mirror.  The bird all of a sudden fainted.  A odd black bird came out.  It ran and hit the other Angry Bird.  A fight then went on and the game plays as a normal game.  After you beat world 3-19 then a cutscene shows where the Doodle Birds go and makes black eggs.  Then Pigs steal it and the Doodle Birds Team up with the Angry Birds.  After the pigs are deafeted it ends with a picture of the Angry Birds with the Doodle Birds living happily ever after.  After you beat the game you can replay it with Doodle Pigs at the main enemy.  After the Doodle Pigs are deafeted you play it in the Doodle World.  After that you win all pigs and birds as playable characters.

Multiplayer Mode[]

A feature was made in the where you can play multiplayer.  It is similar to Super Paper Mario.  To conrol the birds to slide your thumb to which way you want to go.  If you want to jump then slide up.


The gameplay is the same as other games.  A slingshot and you use the touch screen Phone/Tablet/Ipod.


Angry Birds Doodle 2 is a spin off of the game.  It has slightly better ratings then the first one.


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