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Angry Birds Doodle2

The games boxart.

Angry Birds Doodle 2 is a sequal so Angry Birds Doodle.  It has the same style yet a slightly different storyline.


The birds were hanging out till odd Doodle Horses came and ATE all there eggs.  The Angry Birds and Doodle Birds were so mad.  The game then plays where for every other level your a type of Doodle Birds.  After you beat it unlike the first one nothing is unlocked.  Except Mini Game mode is unlocked.


1. Attack of the Doodle Horses


Xbox 360

Xbox 1

Wii U


Playstation 4

PS vita


Doodle Horse Assult - A different version of the game when you play as Doodle Horses.

Angry Birds Doodle Seasons - Same gameplay, but the episodes and levels are based off of holidays and seasons.

Angry Birds Doodle Notebook - The game allows you to create your own birds, levels, and episodes. You can also download other creations to play with WiFi.

Angry Birds Doodle Space - Similar gameplay, except the change of gravity and new Angry Birds exclusive to the game.

Doodle Pig Assult - After the defeat of the Doodle Horses, the Doodle Pigs come back stronger than ever. This is the fourth part of the game.



  • Most of the artwork is from the last game.