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Angry Birds Doritos is a online game made by Frito-Lay. It is can be played on any browser, But it works best on Google Chrome. It first released on June 6, 2013.


There are in fact no real episodes, Just a screen with a lot of levels in it plus secret levels you could unlock by finding a card inside specially marked bags of Doritos. Look for the "ENTER CODE" button at the bottom of the screen, Enter the code on the card, and you unlock a secret level!


Red Bird - Screams

Yellow Bird - Goes slightly faster

Blue Bird - Clones into 3

White Bird - Drops explosive eggs

Black Bird - explodes

Green Bird - Attacks from behind

Orange Bird - Puffs up

Pink Bird - Blows bubbles

Doritos Bag - Explodes into 5 Doritos (Which actually do damage)


King Pig

Helmet Pig

Minion Pig

Foreman Pig