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Angry Birds Earth is one of DeeBradleyBakerFan's fanon.

Main Synthosis[]

If you've ever played Angry Birds Space, you'll know that the Flock went into space and fought the Space Pigs using their new powers. But three members of the Flock stayed behind. In Angry Birds Earth, join the Boomerang Bird, the White Bird, and the Orange Bird as they alone have to stop the Pigs after they stole the rest of the Flock's eggs. Can you do it?


The Birds[]

  • Boomerang Bird
  • White Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Boomeragain Bird (last level only)
  • Double Dropper Bird (last level only)
  • X-Pander Bird (last level only)
  • Firebomb Bird (last level only)
  • Ice Bird (last level only)
  • Lazer Bird (last level only)

The Pigs[]

  • Small Pigs
  • Medium Pigs
  • Large Pigs
  • Helmet Pigs
  • Moustache Pigs
  • King Pig
  • King Space Pig (last level only)


  • Planet of the Scrapes
  • World to the Wise
  • Global Abomination
  • The Pig Blue Marble
  • On Top of the World