AB Egghunters is a FC game in 3D where lots if birds do 3D game things. It's 3rd person view from the sky, so your pig will look kinda small and stuff. More coming.


There are multiple game modes. The main game mode is adventure. In adventure, you play as either a bird or a pig, and walk around the map. You try to complete any one of the listed objectives without dying. You die when pigs get your health down to zero


  • Mode 1: Pigdestroyer- Knock out as many pigs as needed to finish the level
  • Mode 2: Reclaim the Eggs- Oh no! The pigs have stolen the eggs! Find them all to complete the level
  • Mode 3: Capture the Flag- The pigs have tried claiming Cobalt Plateaus! Displace their flag and show them who's boss! Get the flag to your base to complete the level
  • Mode 4: Defender- Defend the eggs from the pesky pigs! Defend them for the given time to complete the level
  • Mode 5: TNT Smuggler- A pig has smuggled TNT! Detonate it in pig territory as many times as need to win!
  • Mode 6: Fort Collapse: Wreck the pig's fort. When the fort is destroyed, you have won!



Endless Challenge




Bird Ability Stats Birdiforms Description Unlocking Manual
Red None. Default character
  • Damage 12
  • Health 125
  • Speed Moderate
  • Range Close
Plasma Red/Dark Red/Bright Red/Mighty Red TBA Get the game
Chuck Do a turbo boost
  • Damage 10
  • Health 110
  • Speed Speedy
  • Range Far
The Blues Split up into 3, attacking 3 pigs at once



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