Angry Birds Energy Drink (Nicknamed Angry Power) is a energy drink so that you can have more energy to do


physical activites. It was released and first avaliable in the Rovio store on 23 September 2012.


  • Cherry (Nicknamed Noise Cherry)
  • Mixed Berry (Nicknamed Spliter Berry)
  • Lemon (Nicknamed Speedy Lemon)
  • Raspberry (Nicknamed Big Brother Raspberry)(New Flavour)
  • Blackberry (Nicknamed Nuked Blackberry)
  • White Grape (Nicknamed Popped White Grape)
  • Lime (Nicknamed Boomerang Lime)
  • Tangarine (Nicknamed Infated Tangarine)
  • Strawberry (Nicknamed Bubble Strawberry)
  • Apple (Nicknamed Oinked Apple)

(More to come)


  • They Discontiniued The Original Flavors(Egg Cream, etc.) Cause They Are Not-So-Healthy For An Energy Drink......

TV Commercial

  • (Angry Birds Piglantis theme plays)
  • Voice:What Energy Drink be Natural?
  • Birds:Yes, I am Right!
  • Voice:Angry Birds Energy Drink! is Coming!
  • Red Bird:Cherry!(drinks)
  • Blue Bird:Mixed berry!(drinks)
  • Yellow Bird:Lemon!(drinks)
  • Big Brother Bird:Ruffberry!(Big Brother Bird said "Ruff" again)(drinks)
  • Black Bird:Blackberry!(drinks)
  • White Bird:White Grape!(drinks)
  • Boomerang Bird:Lime!(drinks)
  • Orange Bird:Tangarine!(drinks)
  • Voice:Angry Birds Energry Drink, Get it now! and more is coming
  • (Rovio Logo)
  • (Song End)
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