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Angry Birds Epic: Stella's Adventure is a sequel to AB Epic, however it uses a method of battle similar to AB


Act 1: Journey To Chronos Island[]

Stella and her friends were relaxing, when Gale summons a gateway to Chronos Island, where all times join together. When Stella travels through, she wakes up alone on in Prehistoric Plains. Stella makes it back, collecting her friends along the way. She then meets and fights them Gale in Gale's Gallery...

Act 2: Titans Arrive[]

She turns out to be controlled by The Titans and their leader, who can only be defeated by finding pieces of the Titan Disc in each world. Stella goes to each world, finding the flock, defeating the Titans, and finding the pieces of the discs. She then duels their leader in Chaotic Chorus, but fails as time starts changing around her...

Act 3: Past and Future[]

The world forms into a strange zone with swirled landscapes and strange Mutants. She then travels to each world, finding Keys. (SPOILERS)

Bonus Act: Final Encounters[]

She then travels to the heart of the island: Bleak Battles. The defeat of the leader repairs the world. However, a strange creature emerges out of the mist, fighting Stella in Climax Core.


Stella: Can hit multiple pigs in one go.

Poppy: Can spin through pig attacks without damage.

Luca: Can stun pigs by screaming.

Willow: Can change direction to combo pigs.

Dahila: Can teleport and dodge attacks.

Gale: Can paint pigs to destroy them.

Red: Can target certain pigs.

The Blues: Can split into 3 projectiles.

Chuck: Can speed past slow attacks.

Bomb: Explodes.

Matilda: Launches an explosive egg.

Hal: Boomerangs round attacking pigs twice.

Stelred: Can target multiple pigs.

Popues: Can split into 3 spinning birds.

Luck: Can speed forward while screaming.

Wilmb: Can change direction while exploding.

Dalhida: Can teleport while launching exploding eggs.

Gaal: Can paint pigs and boomerang around.


Act 1[]

Prehistoric Park (Stella)

Aztec Arctic (Poppy)

Roman Roads (Luca)

Steampunk Sky (Willow)

Techno Tower (Dahila)

Gale's Gallery (Gale)

Act 2[]

Prehistoric Paradise (Red)

Aztec Arcane (The Blues)

Roman Rain (Chuck)

Steampunk Shadows (Bomb)

Techno Time (Matilda)

Gale's Gemstones (Hal)

Act 3[]

Prehistoric Planets (Stelred)

Aztec Aboriginals (Popues)

Roman Ramifications (Luck)

Steampunk Shadows (Wilmb)

Techno Time (Dalhida)

Gale's Gemstones (Gaal)

Bonus Act[]

Bleak Battles (Polymorph)

Climax Core (Chronos Core)