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Angry Birds Epic: Uprising
Angry Birds Epic - Uprising


Rovio, Nintendo, Pop Cap, and Devsisters



Release Date



Turn-based RPG


Nintendo Switch


ESRB: E10+
PEGI: 12

Angry Birds Epic: Uprising is an RPG created by UUnlockedMario, and a re-imagining of the deleted fangame; Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Twelve Elements, as well as a pseudo-sequel to Angry Birds Epic. It is loosely based on LuigiFan00001's Angry Birds Bosses series.



The birds are seen taking care of their eggs. Out of nowhere, a chained cage drops from the sky and captures the eggs. More cages fall and trap everyone except Red. The cages' chains are revealed to be supported by an airship. The chains are then lifted and the airship flies off. Red follows it.

The airships lands by King Pig's castle. Out come the airship are the pigs, who are taking the caged birds into the castle. Red rushes through Pig City and heads towards the castle. Right before entering, he is greeted by a "mystical force" who tells him about RPG battles. Red enters the castle and fights a few Minion Pigs. Making it further into the castle, Red finally confronts King Pig and battles him.

Upon being defeated, King Pig reveals that the birds are in the room behind him. He gives Red the key which allows access to said room. Meanwhile, a strange creature is seen at a sanctuary housing seven artifacts known as the Chaos Emeralds. Centering the seven Chaos Emeralds is the Master Emerald. The creature uses its power to destroy the sanctuary, scattering the emeralds.

Now back to Red, the explosion from the sanctuary causes him to be sent flying out of the castle, and he lands somewhere called Reticulata Town. Red eventually comes across a playground "owned" by an Oshawott, who challenges Red to a battle. Red quickly defeats the Oshawott and continues onward.

Eventually, Red encounters Cherrim; the princess of the Plant Kingdom. She explains how she got sent to Reticulata Town, and decides to join Red on his quest. The two eventually make it to the outskirts, and a draconic pitaya enters and terrorizes the town. It confronts Red and Cherrim, and the first boss begins. After they defeat Dragonfruit, it begins to emit light, and then explodes. The exit the town, and Red hears the same voice again. The voice tells him to head for Cobalt Plateaus, as the first Chaos Emerald is located there.


Playable characters

Playable characters
Name Description
RedToonsRed The main protagonist of the game. He has set on an adventure to save his flock and recover the seven Chaos Emeralds.

He has all-around balanced stats.

421Cherrim Sunshine Form DreamPrincess Cherrim The princess of the Plant Kingdom, and the first to join Red's party. When a Chaos Emerald struck the Plant Kingdom, she was blown away. After she disappeared, the king of the Plant Kingdom has made many changes. Eventually, Red and company make it to the Plant Kingdom. After King Plant is defeated, he returns to his normal self, and it is revealed that the queen recently had another baby; a Marigold. It is also revealed that Cherrim has an older brother who is a Servine.

Her best stats are her SP, Special Attack, and Speed. She is recruited in Reticulata Town.

LunarisCosmius A space spirit from Chaos Shrine who was sent by a higher authority to help Red, and the second to join. She reveals to the party what the Chaos Emeralds are, and their importance. When Red and Cherrim meet her, it is revealed that she is the mysterious voice Red heard.

Her best stats are her Attack and Speed, but also has not-so-great Defense. She is recruited in Dr. Bananas' Lab.

Knight CookieKnight Cookie A warrior from the Gingerbread Kingdom. When Red and company enter the kingdom Pistachio Cookie believed they were intruders, and challenge them to a battle. After her defeat, Knight Cookie shows up in concern. Red and company explain to both of them about the Chaos Emeralds. Knight Cookie, impressed by Red's skills, decides to join Red on his quest, but Pistachio Cookie decides to stay in order to defend the kingdom.

His best stats are his Attack, Defense, Speed, and Luck, but has poor HP.

SwindleToonsKing Pig The secondary antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist. He is the first boss of the game, but is not seen again until much later. His castle was taken over soon after his first defeat. He is battled again at South Sea Temple, where he is recruited after his defeat.

His best stats are his HP, Attack, and Defense, but has terrible Speed.

648Meloetta DreamMeloetta A mysterious creature who is the last to join. Upon her recruit, it is revealed that she is the higher authority who sent Cosmius to help Red.

Her best stats are her Attack and Luck, but has below-average Defense. She is recruited in Maxima House, where she was being used as the fuel source for the forcefield surrounding King Pig's (Lord Sinensis's) Castle.


Name Description
Lord SinensisLord Sinensis The main antagonist and final boss of the game, and the ruler of the Citreans. Long ago, he was defeated by the Mighty Creatures, but is now back.

At the beginning of the game, he destroyed Chaos Shrine and scattered the Chaos Emeralds. He then took over King Pig's Castle. He sent his minions to kill Red and company, and prevent them from collecting the Chaos Emeralds.

SwindleToonsKing Pig
The secondary antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist, and the first boss of the game. He is not seen again until much later, although the pigs do frequently mention him. After his second defeat, he becomes a playable character.
501Oshawott DreamOshawott
A young Oshawott who lives near Reticulata Town. He constantly tries to ambush Red and his party during their adventure. His battles are generally easy, and he is more of an inconvenience than an actual threat.

If the player revisits Reticulata Town after they've beaten the game, it is revealed that he matured and evolved into a Dewott.

General PigHelmet
King Pig's bodyguard and general. He has been brainwashed by Lord Sinensis, who has sent him to kill Red and company. After his final defeat, he gets un-brainwashed.
Foreman TestingMustachio
King Pig's second-in-command who can only say his name. He has also been brainwashed by Lord Sinensis, who has sent him to kill Red and his party. After his final defeat, he gets un-brainwashed.

Supporting characters


Bad Piggies

Citrean Army


  • Citressom
  • Lab Assistant Citrean
  • Desert Citrean
  • Citrean Mummy
  • Guard Citrean
  • Jury Citrean
  • Marine Citrean
  • Citrean Matey
  • Citrean Warrior


  • Citroid Junior
  • Citroid
  • Super Citroid
  • Ultra Citroid
  • Jailwalker
  • Advanced Jailwalker


  • Vesausageraptor
  • Pterydactail
  • Baconosaurus
  • Oinkimimus
  • Steakosaurus
  • Piguanadon
  • Dihogosaurus

Citrified creatures

  • Velimiraptor
  • Citrishooter
  • Orangeflower
  • Citric-shroom
  • Limedragon
  • Bonk Grapefruit
  • Leminion Pig
  • Grapefat Pig


  • Biscuit Bunny
  • Jelly Frog
  • Jelly Bee
  • Marshmallow Tower
  • Candy Turret
  • Ice Cream Turret
  • Little Crystal Puddy
  • Bug Crystal Puddy
  • Candy Cannon



  • Red Crazy Bird
  • Yellow Crazy Bird
  • Black Crazy Bird
  • White Crazy Bird
  • Blue Crazy Bird
  • Frosty Cone
  • Subliminal Kirby
  • Bronze Pig
  • Silver Pig
  • Gold Pig
  • Platinum Pig


Item name Effect
Mushroom Recovers 30 HP
Super Shroom Recovers 80 HP
Ultra Shroom Recovers 150 HP
Max Shroom Recovers all HP
Honey Syrup Restores 15 SP
Maple Syrup Restores 40 SP
Grape Syrup Restores 100 SP
Strawberry Jam Restores all SP
Solar Droplet Restores 30 HP and 10 SP
Lunar Droplet Restores 10 HP and 30 SP
Celestial Droplet Restores 20 HP and SP
Piggy Leaf Restores 10 SP and cures burn
Cake Mix Restores 1 HP and SP and cures poison
Healing Herb Can be used to cure any status condition
Revive Shroom Revives a character with all of their HP
Pea Restores 10 HP and SP
Fire Pea Increases Attack and Special Attack for 10 turns
Ice Pea Increases Defense and Special Defense for 10 turns
Electric Pea Increases Speed for 10 turns
Forest Leaf Restores 15 HP and cures paralysis

Chef Piggy recipes

Recepies made by Chef Piggy can be viewed here.


  • Health Points: The amount of damage a party member can take. If their HP reaches 0, they will get defeated.
  • Special Points: These points are used for special attacks.
  • Attack: The higher the number, the more damage a party member will deal.
  • Defense: The higher the number, the less damage a party member will take.
  • Special Attack: The amount of damage done by special attacks. The higher the number, the more damage a party member will deal.
  • Special Defense: The amount of damage received by special attacks. The higher the number, the less damage a party member will take.
  • Speed: The higher the number, the earlier a party member moves in battle.
  • Luck: The higher the number, the more likely a party member is to land a critical hit.


Main bosses

Name HP Location Allegiance
Dragonfruit 100 Reticulata Town Citrean Army
Ninja Turnips 55 (Leo)

50 (Donnie)
60 (Raph)
30 (Mikey)

Dragonfruit Tower Citrean Army
Rainbow Snake 250 Piggy Island Airport Citrean Army
Tyrannoshortribs Rex 320 Jurassic Pork Citrean Army
Dr. Bananas 270 Dr. Bananas' Lab Citrean Army
Spiritomb 350 Japonica Coliseum Unaffiliated
Lady Pasta 380 Japonica Coliseum Citrean Army
Frosty the Snowcone 440 Deliciosa Prison Unaffiliated
Judge Walter W. Waffle 500 Deliciosa Courthouse Citrean Army
Pistschio Cookie 520 Gingerbread Kingdom Cookies
Moonlight Cookie 600 Gingerbread Castle Cookies
Hoo the Owl 720 Hoo's Woods Plants
Pult Brothers 150 (Kernel-pult)

120 (Cabbage-pult)
200 (Melon-pult)
250 (Winter Melon)
180 (Pepper-pult)

Plant Castle Plants
King Plant 800 Plant Castle Plants
Monster Burger 1,200 South Beach Citrean Army
King Pig 1,000 South Sea Temple Bad Piggies
Captain Obvious 1,150 USS Gas Attack Citrean Army
Yetiberry 1,250 Nobilis Mountains Citrean Army
Party Rock 1,550 Maxima House Citrean Army
Sour Rangers 300 (Red)

450 (Green)
100 (Yellow)
250 (Pink)
150 (Blue)
200 (Black)

Maxima House Balcony Citrean Army
General Grapefruit 1,800 Medica Hill Citrean Army
Citronstein 2,500 Pig City Citrean Army
Gummy Queen 2,000 King Pig's Castle Citrean Army
Lemon2 2,000 (Lemon Cookie)

500 (Priest Limon)

King Pig's Castle Citrean Army
Lord Sinensis (final boss) 3,000 (first phase)

5,000 (second phase)

Top of King Pig's Castle Citrean Army


Name HP Location Allegiance
King Pig 50 King Pig's Castle Bad Piggies
Tricerachops 120 Jurassic Pork Citrean Army
Dr. Midget 170 Dr. Bananas' Lab Citrean Army
Master Jailwalker 300 Deliciosa Prison Citrean Army
Pumpkin & Hat 75 (Hat)

50 (Pumpkin)

Plant Road Bad Piggies
Elemental Peas 130 (Snow Pea)

150 (Electric Peashooter)
120 (Fire Peashooter)

Plant Kingdom Plants
Colonel Spike 1,000 Paradisi Road Citrean Army

Oshawott battles

Oshawott battles
Name HP Location Allegiance
Oshawott 30 Reticulata Town Unaffiliated
Oshawott 70 Piggy Island Airport Unaffiliated
Oshawott 200 Deliciosa Prison Unaffiliated
Oshawott 330 Hoo's Woods Unaffiliated
Oshawott 500 Maxima House Unaffiliated
Oshawott 1,000 King Pig's Castle Unaffiliated

Helmet battles

Helmet battles
Name HP Location Allegiance
Helmet 220 Japonica Desert Citrean Army
Helmet 400 Plant Road Citrean Army
Helmet 570 South Beach Citrean Army
Helmet 1,200 King Pig's Castle Citrean Army

Mustachio battles

Mustachio battles
Name HP Location Allegiance
Mustachio 250 Gingerbread Castle Citrean Army
Mustachio 700 Nobilis Mountains Citrean Army
Mustachio 1,500 King Pig's Castle Citrean Army

Secret/optional bosses

Secret/optional bosses
Name HP Location Allegiance
Dewott 3,000 Reticulata Town Unaffiliated
Shrek 10,000 Essimelle House Unaffiliated



  • Angry Birds Epic: Uprising was also supposed to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but due to the game having several Nintendo references, the game's creator decided to make it exclusively for the Switch.


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