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Angry Birds Epic: Uprising
ABEU Boxart
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Turn-based RPG


Nintendo Switch


ESRB: E10+
PEGI: 12

Angry Birds Epic: Uprising is an RPG created by UUnlockedMario, and a pseudo-sequel to Angry Birds Epic. It is loosely based on LuigiFan00001's Angry Birds Bosses series. It was rated E10+ for Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, Mild Suggestive Themes, and Mild Language. It is also the last game chronologically in UUM's continuity.


The gameplay of Angry Birds Epic: Uprising is drastically different than the original game, and is similar to more conventional RPGs. The player controls Red on the overworld. The player battles enemies by running into them on the overworld; see below for more information on battles. Throughout the game, the player encounters slingshots, which act as a means of fast-travel. Each town is guaranteed to have these four facilities; a shop where the player can buy and sell items, an inn where Red and his allies can sleep to restore their HP & FP, a bank where the player can deposit and withdraw Snoutlings, and a kitchen where one of Chef Cochon's apprentices can cook recepies. There are also collectible items called Lucky Coins, which act like Star Pieces from the original Paper Mario and its sequel, and Crystal Berries from Bug Fables.


Prologue: Birdnapped Flock

The birds are seen taking care of their eggs. Out of nowhere, a chained cage drops from the sky and captures the eggs. More cages fall and trap everyone except Red. The cages' chains are revealed to be supported by an airship. The chains are then lifted and the airship flies off. Red follows it.

The airships lands by King Pig's castle. Out come the airship are the pigs, who are taking the caged birds into the castle. Red rushes through Pig City and heads towards the castle. Right before entering, he is greeted by a "mystical force" who tells him about RPG battles. Red enters the castle and fights a few Minion Pigs. Making it further into the castle, Red finally confronts King Pig and battles him. Upon being defeated, King Pig reveals that the birds are in the dungeon. He gives Red the key which unlocks their cells.

A cutscene plays, taking place while the flock was being kidnapped, where Chef Cochon is seen at a sanctuary housing seven artifacts known as the Chaos Emeralds. Centering the seven Chaos Emeralds is the Master Emerald. Chef Cochon appears to be performing a ritual in order to revive a powerful being. The being is successfully revived, and says that it's good to finally be back. Chef Cochon introduces himself to the being, who introduces himself as Lord Sinensis, and reveals that he was sealed in the Master Emerald 1000 years ago. As repayment for reviving him, Lord Sinensis grants Chef Cochon immortality. Chef Cochon convinces Lord Sinensis to team up with him. Back to the present with Red and King Pig, the castle is being attacked. The wall gets destroyed, and Chef Cochon is seen with Lord Sinensis. Sinensis orders his minions to seize King Pig, and he telekinetically lifts Red, and throws him out the broken wall. Sinensis then usurps the throne.

Chapter 1: Infiltrate Dragon Fruit Castle

As Red was sent flying out of the castle, and he lands somewhere called Reticulata Town, a place where birds and pigs live together. His wounded body in found by the town's residents, who take him to the inn. Three days later, Red recovers and starts to explore the town. Red eventually comes across a playground "owned" by a bully bird named Spike, who appears to be bullying a pink piglet, and he tells her that girls are not allowed on "his" playground. He hits her and steals her doll, and the pink piglet runs off crying. Red enters the scene, and Spike is agitated that someone entered "his" playground without his permission, and challenged Red to a battle. Red quickly defeats Spike, who vows that he will be back, and Red continues onward.

Eventually, Red encounters Cherrim; the princess of the Plant Kingdom. She reveals how she was held captive in a nearby castle, but managed to escape, explaining how she got sent to Reticulata Town. Cherrim decides to join Red on his quest. After exploring more of the town, Red discovers that Ruby is the mayor. The two eventually make it to the outskirts, and a draconic pitaya enters and terrorizes the town. It confronts Red and Cherrim, and the a boss battle begins. After they defeat Dragon Fruit, it begins to emit light, and then explodes. The exit the town, and Red hears the same voice again. The voice tells him to head for Dragon Fruit Castle, as the first Chaos Emerald is located there.

The two explore the Cobalt Plateaus while encountering and fighting early-game enemies, and eventually make it to Dragon Fruit Castle. Cherrim reveals that this is the castle she was locked up in. Before they can enter, April O'Peel appears and battles them. Red and Cherrim defeat her and they enter the castle. The Ninja Turnips appear to be communicating with Lord Sinensis via the Chaos Emerald, who is ordering them to stop Red. After navigating a few of the castle's traps, Red and Cherrim encounter a treasure hunter named Chili Pepper Cookie in the treasure room. After a brief conversation, she makes off with her treasure. Exploring more of the castle, Red and Cherrim make it to the top, where they encounter the Ninja Turnips and defeat them. Red obtains the first Chaos Emerald, but is unsure as to what it is.

Back at King Pig's castle, a Carrotrooper enters the throne room, and informs Lord Sinensis that the Ninja Turnips have been defeated. Sinensis is surprised by this, and he uses the Master Emerald to contact another minion of his; a scientist named Dr. Bananas. Meanwhile in Chef Cochon's cooking class, he in instructing his new students, who are all Carrotroopers. One Carrotrooper's dish blows up, and Chef Cochon escorts her to the backroom. He forces the Carrotrooper to jump into the cauldron of cooking oil. She refuses to jump, and Chef Cochon pushes her in it. Back with Red and Cherrim, Red hears the same voice again. The voice tells him that he must go to Tangelo Town so he can get on a helicopter in order to reach Isla Nuboar.

Chapter 2: Welcome to Jurassic Pork

Red and Cherrim begin to explore the Golden Fields. On their way to Tangelo Town, they are ambushed by Spike again. Red defeats Spike again and he flees. The two continue their journey to Tangelo Town. When they make it to the outskirts, a large, rainbow-colored snake is summoned from a beam of light, and it attacks Red and Cherrim. They defeat it and finally arrive at Tangelo Town.

Chapter 3: Concert in the Desert

Chapter 4: Dark Days in CookieLand

Chapter 5: Perils in the Plant Kingdom

Chapter 6: The Not-so Lost City of Piglantis

Chapter 7: A Chaos Emerald on Thin Ice

Chapter 8: A Chaotic Final Battle!



Playable characters

Name Description
Red ABEU 2020
The main protagonist of the game. He has set on an adventure to save his flock and recover the seven Chaos Emeralds.

He has all-around balanced stats.

Cherrim ABEU
The princess of the Plant Kingdom, and the first to join Red's party. After she disappeared, the king of the Plant Kingdom has made many changes. Eventually, Red and company make it to the Plant Kingdom. After King Plant is defeated, he returns to his normal self, and it is revealed that the queen recently had another baby; a Marigold. She is recruited in Reticulata Town.

Her best stats are her Magic Attack, and Speed, but has poor HP and Defense.

Cosmius ABEU
A space spirit "from above" who was sent by a higher authority to help Red, and the second to join. She reveals to the party what the Chaos Emeralds are, and their importance. When Red and Cherrim meet her, it is revealed that she is the mysterious voice Red heard. She is recruited in Dr. Bananas' Lab.

Her best stats are her Attack and Speed, but also has poor Defense.

KnightCookie ABEU
Knight Cookie
A warrior from CookieLand. When Red and company enter the land, Pistachio Cookie believed they were intruders, and challenge them to a battle. After her defeat, Knight Cookie shows up in concern. Red and company explain to both of them about the Chaos Emeralds. Knight Cookie, impressed by Red's skills, decides to join Red on his quest, but Pistachio Cookie decides to stay in order to defend the land.

His best stats are his Attack and Luck, but has poor HP, and Magic Attack.

KingPig ABEU 2020
King Pig
The major antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist. He is the first boss of the game, but is not seen again until much later. His castle was taken over soon after his first defeat. He is battled again at South Sea Temple, where he is recruited after his defeat.

His best stats are his HP, Attack, and Defense, but has poor Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Speed.

Meloetta ABEU
A mysterious creature who is the last of the main six to join. Upon her recruit, it is revealed that she is from Cosmius's homeworld, and their authority sent her to assist Cosmius. However, she was soon captured by Lord Sinensis's minions. She is recruited in Maxima House, where she was being used as the fuel source for the forcefield surrounding King Pig's Castle.

Her best stats are her Magic Attack, Magic Defense, and Luck, but has poor Attack and Defense.

ChiliPepperCookie ABEU
Chili Pepper Cookie
A notorious treasure hunter from CookieLand. She is encountered a few times throughout the game, searching for treasure, although she isn't battled like Spike, Helmet, or Mustachio. She is the only optional party member, and can be recruited if the player backtracks to CookieLand and completes a side quest after recruiting King Pig.

Her best stats are her Attack, Speed, and Luck, but has poor HP, Magic Attack, and Magic Defense.

Lord Sinensis 2020

Lord Sinensis

The central antagonist and penultimate boss of the game, returned to the side of good. After he is defeated by Red and company, Chef Cochon betrays him and steals his essence. After Red & co. forcibly lose the battle, Lord Sinensis regains his strength. Realizing who the true evil is, Lord Sinensis decides to redeem himself and fight Chef Cochon.

He excels in all of his stats, and is exclusively playable during the final battle. He is immediately at level 50.


Name Description
Lord Sinensis 2020
Lord Sinensis
The central antagonist and penultimate boss of the game, and the ruler of the Citreans. Long ago, he was defeated by the Mighty Creatures, but is now back. At the beginning of the game, he was revived by Chef Cochon at the Altar of the Emeralds, and scattered the Chaos Emeralds. He then took over King Pig's Castle. He sent his minions to kill Red and company, and prevent them from collecting the Chaos Emeralds. Throughout the game, more of his backstory is revealed.
ChefCochon ABEU
Chef Cochon
The true main antagonist and final boss of the game. King Pig's traitorous personal chef who desires to usurp the throne. At the beginning of the game, he revives Lord Sinensis and forms an alliance with him. Throughout the game, Chef Cochon slowly reveals his true intentions. During the final battle, he goes under the name God Pig.
A young bird who lives near Reticulata Town. He is around the same age as Bubbles, and likes to bully. He constantly tries to ambush Red and his party during their adventure, and is more of an inconvenience than an actual threat.
KingPig ABEU 2020
King Pig
The major antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist, and the first boss of the game. He is not seen again until much later, although the pigs do frequently mention him. After his second defeat, he becomes a playable character.
12-Corporal Pig
King Pig's bodyguard and general. He has been brainwashed by Chef Cochon, who has sent him to kill Red and company. After his final defeat, he gets un-brainwashed.
ABMovie Forman Pig
King Pig's second-in-command who can only say his name. He has also been brainwashed by Chef Cochon, who has sent him to kill Red and company. After his final defeat, he gets un-brainwashed.

Supporting cast

Battle system

Red fights three of his five partners at a time; they can be switched out of battle. The characters have stats that grow as they level up:

  • Hit Points show the amount of damage a party member can take. When it reaches 0, the character is knocked out and unable to fight unless revived. Having the entire party knocked out ends the game and the player automatically restarts from their last save.
  • Feather Points are used for special moves.
  • Attack is the physical strength of a character. Combined with the character's weapon, it adds up to a final value that affects how much damage they deal to an opponent with physical attacks.
  • Defense, combined with the character's armor, reduces the amount of damage a character receives from an enemy's normal physical attack.
  • Magic Attack affects the strength of a character's special skill.
  • Magic Defense is similar to defense, but only protects against enemies' special skills, not regular attacks.
  • Speed affects what order the character fights. Characters with a high speed move before any other allies or enemies.
  • Luck affects the likeliness of a character landing a critical hit, doubling the damage of their attacks.

When a character gains a certain amount of experience points, they level up, gaining anywhere from 1-5 points in each stat. The player can also choose any of the stats they want to give bonus points to. The highest level is 50. When a character reaches a certain level, they learn a new special move. If a character reaches a certain level, they rank up, and receive special benefits. The ranks are as follows:

Rank Level Benefit
Vanilla 1-7
Glass 8-14
Wood 15-21
Stone 22-28
Bronze 29-35
Silver 36-42
Gold 43-49
Cosmic 50

Battles begin by moving into an enemy on a main game map. Red and his allies appear on the left side of the screen, while enemies appear on the right. Enemies yield an amount of exp. and Snoutlings when defeated, and have a chance of dropping items when defeated. In battle, characters have four options:

  • Attack: The character performs a basic attack with the weapon they have equipped.
  • Item: The character uses an item on themselves, an ally, or an enemy.
  • Special: The character uses a special move, which costs FP.
  • Other: The character can either defend, ensuring they take less damage if they are hit, or run away, which is not even possible in certain situations.

Side quests

During their adventure, Red and his friends are free to visit many optional places in the game.

One of the biggest side quests is the Glitz Pit, an arena located in Deliciosa Town. It is a fighting tournament hosted by the Mad Hatter. It is where Red and his allies go under the fighting name "The Boss Birds". It is where they fight 19 rounds of enemies, with themselves starting at rank 20. The tournament is divided into two leagues; the Minor League being ranks 20-11, and the Major League being 10-1. After beating rank 1, the Boss Birds get to face the tournament's Champion, the Baz. The side quest becomes available after the player recruits Knight Cookie.

In the Golden Fields, there is a small, elusive region called Gnome Village. The village is home to many Gnomes, notable for their quirkiness and strange speech patterns.


Regular items

Category Item name Effect
HP recovery items Apple Recovers 10 HP
Orange Recovers 10 HP
Banana Recovers 10 HP
Lemon Recovers 10 HP
Lime Recovers 10 HP
Peach Recovers 10 HP
Mango Recovers 10 HP
Grapes Recovers 20 HP
Pineapple Recovers 20 HP
Watermelon Recovers 20 HP
Melon Recovers 20 HP
Coconut Recovers 20 HP
Durian Recovers 40 HP
Cherries Recovers 10 HP
Strawberry Recovers 10 HP
Blueberry Recovers 10 HP
Raspberry Recovers 10 HP
Blackberry Recovers 10 HP
Carrot Recovers 10 HP
Cucumber Recovers 10 HP
Broccoli Recovers 10 HP
Mushroom Recovers 10 HP
Tomato Recovers 10 HP
Potato Recovers 20 HP
Corn Recovers 20 HP
Cabbage Recovers 20 HP
Eggplant Recovers 20 HP
Turnip Recovers 40 HP
Pumpkin Recovers 10 HP
Steak Recovers 30 HP
Not-bird Drumstick Recovers 30 HP
Shrimp Recovers 20 HP
Catfish Recovers 20 HP
Salmon Recovers 20 HP
Crab Recovers 20 HP
Oyster Recovers 20 HP
Octopus Recovers 20 HP
Squid Recovers 20 HP
Tuna Recovers 40 HP
Maha-mahi Recovers 50 HP
Acorn Recovers 5 HP
Piggy Nut Recovers 5 HP
Lizard Egg Recovers 20 HP
Cocoa Bean Recovers 10 HP
FP recovery items Honey Syrup Recovers 10 FP
Maple Syrup Recovers F0 SP
Royal Syrup Recovers all FP
Piggy Leaf Recovers 10 FP and cures status conditions
Forest Leaf Recovers 10 FP and cures status conditions
Cake Mix Recovers 5 FP and cures status conditions
HP & FP recovery items Wheat Recovers 20 HP & FP
Rice Recovers 20 HP & FP
Dried Pasta Recovers 20 HP & FP
Cheese Recovers 20 HP & FP
Solar Droplet Recovers 75 HP and 25 FP
Lunar Droplet Recovers 25 HP and 75 FP
Celestial Droplet Recovers 50 HP & FP
Cerdan Milk Recovers all HP & FP
Reviving items Sardines Revives a party member with all of their HP
Other Healing Herb Can cure any status condition
Black Pearl All party members become invisible and evade attacks for 5 turns
Fire Pea Increases Attack and Magic Attack for 10 turns
Ice Pea Increases Defense and Magic Defense for 10 turns
Electric Pea Increases Speed for 10 turns
Toy Dog Guarantees escape from a battle, does not work on bosses
Tiny Exp. Seed Makes a party member gain 10 exp.
Small Exp. Seed Makes a party member gain 100 exp.
Medium Exp. Seed Makes a party member gain 500 exp.
Large Exp. Seed Makes a party member gain 2,000 exp.
Giant Exp. Seed Makes a party member gain 6,000 exp.
Colossal Exp. Seed Makes a party member gain 20,000 exp.
Marble Egg Can be sold at shops for 500 Snoutlings
Bronze Egg Can be sold at shops for 1,000 Snoutlings
Silver Egg Can be sold at shops for 5,000 Snoutlings
Gold Egg Can be sold at shops for 20,000 Snoutlings
Platinum Egg Can be sold at shops for 80,000 Snoutlings
Eggsteroid Can be sold at shops for 500,000 Snoutlings
Hit Bean Permanently increases a party member's HP by 1
Feather Bean Permanently increases a party member's FP by 1
Attack Bean Permanently increases a party member's Attack by 1
Defense Bean Permanently increases a party member's Defense by 1
Magic Attack Bean Permanently increases a party member's Magic Attack by 1
Magic Defense Bean Permanently increases a party member's Magic Defense by 1
Speed Bean Permanently increases a party member's Speed by 1
Luck Bean Permanently increases a party member's Luck by 1

Recepies made by Chef Cochon's apprentices can be viewed here.

Key items

Item name Location Description
Dolly Reticulata Town A doll that looks like Stella, owned by a pink piglet. It is found in the playground, and can be returned for a Lucky Coin.
Castle Key Dragon Fruit Castle Opens a door in Dragon Fruit Castle.


Bad Piggies

Name Description Locations
10-Minion Pig
Minion Pig
Minion Pigs are the lowest-ranked members of the Bad Piggies. They are the first enemies to be encountered, and the weakest. King Pig's Castle
ABMovie Stick Pig
Stick Pig
Stick Pigs are pigs who hold sticks. As such, they deal more damage than their stickless counterparts. Cobalt Plateaus

Golden Fields

ABMovie Helmet Pig
Helmet Pig
Helmet Pigs are pigs who wear helmets, and are Helmet's soldiers. Their defense is high for early-game standards. Cobalt Plateaus

Golden Fields

ABMovie Fat Pig
Fat Pig
Fat Pigs are enormous, corpulent Minion Pigs who are much stronger than their smaller counterparts.
ABMovie Sleepyhead Pig
Sleepyhead Pig
Sleepyhead Pigs are pigs who start the battle asleep until they are attacked.
ABMovie Mexican Pig
Mexican Pig
Mexican Pigs are support enemies; they have no attack, but restore other enemies' HP by throwing tacos at them. They can also boost enemies' stats by performing a dance with their maracas. Japonica Desert
Big Pig
Trainer Pig
Ninja Pig
Wealthy Rogue
Rogue Leader
ABMovie Construction Worker
Construction Pig
AB2 PolymorphPig
Polymorph Pig
AB2 FirefighterPig
Firefighter Pig
AB2 MagicianPig
Magician Pig
AB2 ChemistPig
Chemist Pig
ABMovie Stupid Pig
Stupid Pig
Stupid Pigs are extremely rare pigs. They run away if they are not defeated quickly.

Citrean Army

Name Description Locations
Trotter Tot These potato-like creatures are Lord Sinensis's bottom-of-the-barrel minions. They are the second-weakest enemies in the game, being ever-so-slightly stronger than Minion Pigs. Cobalt Plateaus
Armorcorn Acorn-like creatures who are also very low-ranked. They have an interesting gimmick; they are very resilient when standing upright, and full damage can only be dealt when they are knocked over. Cobalt Plateaus

Golden Fields

Grenegg Walking explosives that resemble eggs. Dragon Fruit Castle

Dr. Bananas' Lab

Bananarang Monkey-like creatures who wield boomerangs resembling bananas.
Cherry Bomber Humanoid creatures who throw cherry-shaped bombs. Their appearance resembles Bomberman from the video game franchise of the same name.
Sledge Ham Pig-like creatures who carry giant drumsticks, and use them as weapons. Despite their porcine appearance, they have no connection to the Bad Piggies.
Jailwaker Walking cages that imprison Minion Pigs. When the Jailwalker is defeated, the Minion Pig will be freed and toss healing items at Red and his party.
Slither Sausage
Carrotrooper These carrot-like creatures are Lord Sinensis's elite soldiers. They are fast, wear armor, and carry guns that shoot hot sauce.
Vesausageraptor One of the Swinosaurs; a hybrid between a pig and a Velociraptor. Jurassic Pork
Pterydactail One of the Swinosaurs; a hybrid between a pig and a Pteranodon. Jurassic Pork
Steakosaurus One of the Swinosaurs; a hybrid between a pig and a Stegosaurus. Jurassic Pork
Piguanadon One of the Swinosaurs; a hybrid between a pig and an Iguanadon. Jurassic Pork


Name Description Locations
Biscuit Bunny
Biscuit Bunny
Biscuit Bunnies are the lowest-ranked members of the Cookies' forces. They attack by jumping towards Red and his party.
Jelly Frogs
Jelly Frog
Jelly Bee
Jelly Bee
Marshmallow Tower
Marshmallow Tower
Candy Turret
Candy Turret
Ice Cream Turret
Ice Cream Turret
Little Crystal Puddies
Little Crystal Puddy
Big Crystal Puddies
Big Crystal Puddy
Candy Cannon
Candy Cannon
Biscuit Monkey
Biscuit Bunny
Saber-nosed Bees
Saber-nosed Bee
Roll Cake Log
Roll Cake Log
Lightning Cloud
Lightning Cloud
Burning Caramel
Burning Caramel
Sugar Golem
Sugar Golem


Name Description Locations
Peashooter HD
Peashooters are the lowest-ranked members of the Plants forces. They attack by shooting peas.
Sunflowers are support enemies who restore other enemies' HP by lobbing sun at them.
Wall-nuts have no means of attack, high defense.
Potato Mine HD
Potato Mine
Potato Mines attack by burrowing underground. They then emerge and explode on a party member.
Chompers attack by biting.
Puff-shrooms attack by shooting spores, which have a slight chance of poisoning a party member. They are weak, but come in large numbers.
HD F Shroom
HD Squash
PvZ2C Cattail HD
Repeater HD HD
Repeaters are Peashooters who shoot two peas at once.
Bloomerangs attack with boomerangs, which hit a character twice.
Imitaters copy the appearance of the character who attacks them, and gain their moves. They do not copy their stats.


Name Description Locations
Red Crazy Bird
Yellow Crazy Bird
Black Crazy Bird
White Crazy Bird
Blue Crazy Bird
Two-headed Turtle


Main bosses

Name HP Location Affiliation
King Pig 50 King Pig's Castle Bad Piggies
Dragon Fruit 100 Reticulata Town Citrean Army
Ninja Turnips 55 (Leonardo)

50 (Donatello)
60 (Raphael)
30 (Michelangelo)

Dragon Fruit Castle Citrean Army
Rainbow Snake 250 Golden Fields Citrean Army
Tyrannoshortribs Rex 320 Jurassic Pork Citrean Army
Dr. Bananas 270 Dr. Bananas' Lab Citrean Army
Spiritomb 350 Japonica Ruins Unaffiliated
Lady Pasta 400 Japonica Coliseum Citrean Army
Frosty the Snowcone 440 Deliciosa Prison Citrean Army
Judge Walter W. Waffle 500 Deliciosa Courthouse Citrean Army
Pistachio Cookie 520 Giant Fossil Cliff Cookies
Moonlight Cookie 600 City of Wizards Cookies
Hoo the Owl 720 Hoo's Woods Plants
Pult Brothers 150 (Kernel-pult)

120 (Cabbage-pult)
200 (Melon-pult)
250 (Winter Melon)
180 (Pepper-pult)

Plant Castle Plants
King Plant 800 Plant Castle Plants
Monster Burger 1,200 South Beach Citrean Army
King Pig 1,000 South Sea Temple Bad Piggies
Captain Obvious 1,150 USS Gas Attack Citrean Army
Yetiberry 1,250 Nobilis Mountains Citrean Army
Party Rock 1,550 Maxima Club Citrean Army
Sour Rangers 300 (Red)

450 (Green)
100 (Yellow)
250 (Pink)
150 (Blue)
200 (Black)

Maxima Club Balcony Citrean Army
General Grapefruit 1,800 Paradisi Outpost Citrean Army
Citronstein 2,500 Pig City Citrean Army
Gummy Queen 2,000 King Pig's Castle Citrean Army
Lemon2 2,000 (Lemon Cookie)

500 (Priest Limon)

King Pig's Castle Citrean Army
Lord Sinensis 3,000 King Pig's Castle Citrean Army
God Pig
(final boss)
1,000,000 Top of King Pig's Castle Citrean Army


Name HP Location Affiliation
Spike 30 Reticulata Town Unaffiliated
April O'Peel 50 Dragon Fruit Castle Exterior Citrean Army
Spike 70 Golden Fields Unaffiliated
Tricerachops 120 Jurassic Pork Citrean Army
Dr. Midget 170 Dr. Bananas' Lab Citrean Army
Helmet 220 Japonica Desert Bad Piggies
Master Jailwalker 250 Deliciosa Prison Citrean Army
Spike 200 Deliciosa Prison Unaffiliated
Mustachio 250 City of Wizards Bad Piggies
Alchemist Cookie 300 City of Wizards Cookies
Helmet 400 Plant Road Bad Piggies
Pumpkin & Hat 10 (both) Plant Road Bad Piggies
Spike 330 Hoo's Woods Unaffiliated
Elemental Peas 130 (Snow Pea)

150 (Electric Peashooter)
120 (Fire Peashooter)

Plant Kingdom Plants
Helmet 570 South Beach Citrean Army
Mustachio 700 Nobilis Mountains Citrean Army
Spike 500 Maxima Club Unaffiliated
Colonel Spike 1,000 Paradisi Outpost Exterior Citrean Army
Helmet 1,200 King Pig's Castle Citrean Army
Mustachio 1,500 King Pig's Castle Citrean Army
Spike 1,000 King Pig's Castle Unaffiliated

Optional bosses

Name HP Location Affiliation
The Baz 1,000 Glitz Pit Unaffiliated
Ninja Cookie 200 Cookie Dojo Cookies
Peach Cookie 350
Plum Cookie 500
Red Pepper Cookie 800
General Jujube Cookie 2,000
Bonk Choy 200 Plant Dojo Plants
Bamboo Shoot 350
Heavenly Peach 500
Fire Gourd 800
Radish 2,000
Fruit Ninja Fruits 800 (Banana)

1,000 (Watermelon)
600 (Orange)
650 (Red Apple)
650 (Green Apple)
800 (Pineapple)
400 (Strawberry)
500 (Pear)
600 (Peach)

Pit of 100 Trials Unaffiliated
Shrek 10,000 Essimelle House Unaffiliated



  • Angry Birds Epic: Uprising was also supposed to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but due to the game having several Nintendo references, the game's creator decided to make it exclusively for the Switch.
  • If one looks closely at the boxart, they can see Lord Sinensis.
    • This was removed from the European boxart as to not spoil his appearance which had been left a surprise for the country's consumers.
  • Spiritomb is the only main boss to be unaffiliated.
  • The Toy Dog originated from the toons episode Joy To The Pigs.



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