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Angry Birds Epic (Animated Series) is a 3D motion animated series based off Angry Birds Epic (2014 Mobile Game) aired in Febuary 2016 for Cartoon Network (First Permiere), Nickelodeon (First Permiere) and Toons.TV (March 2016 Permiere).

Angry Birds Epic (Animated Series)
Angry Birds Epic Animated Series Logo

Permiere Date:

2 Febuary 2016

Aired in:

Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Toons.TV

End Date:

Summer 2027

Created by:

Rovio Televison Network

Directed by:




Original Language:






Running Time:

13 Minutes


Season 1[]

  • The Porkbreak (Episode 1)
  • Adventures to the Island (Episode 2)
  • Bad Prince (Episode 3)
  • Where's My Magic? (Episode 4)
  • Battle of Birds and Pigs (Episode 5)
  • Step it Down! (Episode 6)

More Coming Soon, But Redbird07 and the peoples will edit it.

DVD Release[]

Rovio has to release Angry Birds Epic Animated Series for DVD and Blu-ray, The Season 1 Volume 1 released in 2016, Season 1 Volume 2 released in 2017 and Season 2 released in Holiday 2017. Season 3 Volume 1 released in Chinese New Year 2018. Season 3 Volume 2 released in 2019. Season 4 released in 2021. Season 5 Volume 1 released in 2023. Season 5 Volume 2 released in 2025 and Season 5 Volume 3 released in 2027 (The End of Angry Birds Epic Animated Series).


  • English
  • Spanish (called "El Angry Birds épica")
  • France (called "Le Angry Birds Epic Afficher")
  • German (called "Angry Birds TV- Epos")
  • Chinese (called "憤怒的小鳥:豬的海島展曙光" mean "The Angry Birds: Dawn of Piggy Island Show")
  • Japanese (called "怒っている鳥:ピギーアイランドのアニメーションシリーズの夜明け" mean "Angry Birds: Dawn of Piggy Island Animated Series)
  • Portuguese Brazilian (called "O Angry Birds Epico")
  • Korean

Cast of Characters[]


  • Knight Red
  • Mage Chuck
  • Cleric Matilda
  • Pirate Bomb
  • Tricksters Blues (Jay, Jake and Jim)
  • Terence
  • Mighty Eagle


  • Wizpig
  • Prince Porky
  • King Pig
  • Corporal Pig
  • Professor Pig
  • Minion Pigs
  • Pirate Pigs
  • Brute Pigs
  • Zombie Pigs
  • Ghost Pigs
  • Shaman Pigs
  • Pigmies
  • Ninja Pigs
  • Foreman Pigs
  • Knight Pigs
  • Wizard Pigs
  • Drones
  • Piggy McCool
  • Monty


  • Angry Birds Epic (TV Show) have what a all (Birds, Pigs and etc) can speak, second is The Angry Birds Movie.
  • The TV Show was based off Angry Birds Epic, second is Angry Birds Stella.
  • Rovio had planned what Angry Birds Epic (Animated Series) be aired in 2015, but later changed to be aired in Febuary 2016.
  • Those Voices had to be silmar to Sonic Boom and Adventure Time.


The Episodes are both rated TV-PG in USA and L in Brazil. This features Violence and Dialogue. And Unsuitable for young children.