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Angry Birds Epic Luxor, is a 3 matching game. It has 14 birds which 5 are featured.The first sequel to this game was Anrgy Birds Epic Luxor 2, which was released in July 3 and included new gameplay, levels and bonus. After that came Angry Birds Epic Luxor 3, which featured 7 gameplay modes and improved graphics. Next year later come Angry Birds Epic Luxor 4, which featured more gameplay and was displayed by Luca. Then arrived Angry Birds Epic Luxor 5, which has more islands, includes Iron Friendship and was narrated by Willow and the Blues.


An eagle named Cephalo Kamari flew to Kroakatoa Island to meet new friends, until he got raided by obstacles along the way. Of the artifacts were the four canopic scarabs, which disturbed the rest of the adventurers, preventing them from getting what they wanted.


Angry Birds Epic Luxor’s gameplay is similar to the games Marble Lines, Luxor and Zuma, in that it challenges the user to eliminate colored magical spheres by causing three or more spheres of the same color to collide. Players do this primarily by shooting additional spheres from a eagle named Cephalo Kamari which they guide back and forth along the bottom of the screen. When spheres are eliminated, nearby spheres which now form a segment of three or more of the same color will also explode in a chain reaction.

During gameplay, the on-screen spheres continuously advance forward, pushed themselves by additional small scarabs. If any sphere reaches the player's pyramid, he or she loses and is forced to restart the level. If the player succeeds in eliminating a certain number of spheres without this occurring, new spheres cease to arrive and the level can be completed by removing those which remain.

Gameplay Modes[]


Similar to the Luxor game, the player has to make matches of 3 or more of the same color to destroy the spheres. A specific number of lines of spheres have to be cleared, which is shown at the bottom-left-hand corner of the screen. At certain cases, a chest spawns at a random location. It is the artifact and can be shot to release a number of coins depending on the difficulty.

River Mode[]

A scarab is stranded at the other end of the river. The objective is to destroy the scarab by clearing all the spheres it is pushing. However, there are lines of scarabs on the river, preventing the player from having a direct aim on the stray scarab.

Iron Abacus[]

Angry Birds Epic Luxor also offers gauntlet mode, where the player must return to a level they have already reached in adventure mode, and either practice to beat the level, or play in "endless" mode, where the difficulty in colors and speed of balls will gradually increase. The level classifications of endless mode, in order, are Beginner, Veteran, Elite and Advanced. The first three when in endless mode will need to fill the rainbow bar seven times (which is comparable for all of these levels to the quickness of filling the blue bar), and then if a player can survive the extra-fast speed of the Advanced levels, the game can continue for unlimited Advanced rounds of filling the rainbow bar.

In the game's Adventure and Iron Abacus modes, the player progresses through Kroakatoa Island. Every five levels, the player is awarded a checkpoint at which he or she can restart the game. At the end of each island area, the player encounters an obstacle and must face the obstacle in a final level.

Power Ups[]

Power-ups are modeled from existing games, such as Chuck which slows down the movement of the spheres, and Hal which temporarily causes the spheres to move backwards. The list of power ups are read below:

The Blues - Blue Flash: Level 1 - 2

Chuck - Time Jump: Level 1 - 5

Gale - Royal Order: Level 1 - 7

Bomb - Explode: Level 2 - 2

Poppy - Tornado Dive: Level 2 - 5

Willow - Vortex Flash Spin: Level 3 - 2

Dahlia - Space Fu: Level 3 - 4

Bubbles - Orange Flash: Level 3 - 7

Maya - Purple Flash Spin: Level 4 - 6

Sylvia - Air Flash Spin: Level 5 - 1

Hal - Boomerang Spin: Level 5 - 5

Matilda - Regrowth:Level 5 - 7

Sword Spirit - Spirit Fear: Level 6 - 6

Chet - Unknown


The Blues - Blue Flash: Removes all blue spheres in the Blue Spirit Blast

Chuck - Time Jump: Removes any color and moves all spheres backwards.

Gale - Royal Order: Stops all spheres from moving

Bomb - Explode: Blows a few spheres

Poppy - Tornado Dive: Removes all yellow spheres

Willow - Vortex Flash Spin: Removes 1 sphere

Dahlia - Space Fu: Removes all orange spheres

Bubbles - Orange Flash: Immediately removes 6 pieces of spheres

Maya - Purple Flash Spin: Removes all purple spheres

Sylvia - Air Flash Spin: Chains any color of the spheres and removes them

Hal - Boomerang Spin: Removes all green spheres

Matilda - Regrowth: Removes all white spheres and gives +7 coins for bonus

Sword Spirit - Spirit Fear: Freezes all spheres

Chet - Unknown


Coming Soon


  • Cephalo Kamari (Eagle)
  • Kolo Khan (Toucan)
  • Baron Ha (Rabbit)
  • Zhaka Kahtiki (Cheetah)
  • Maga Mu (Hawk)


  • This is the first Angry Birds game that is a 3 - matching game.
  • This is the third time there is a main character instead of Bubbles. The first was Blues and the second was Willow.