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Angry Birds Epic Unexpected Adventure (Animated Series) is a 2D motion animated series based off Angry Birds Epic Unexpected Adventure (Main Game), it was released on March 1 on Toons.TV.

Toons.TV Description[]

Meet the Blues and their new flock of BFFs - who live in Flower Island, a rare-after-seen corner of the Angry Birds universe. Together they explore, create, rock out and laugh... a lot! And find out what contains on top of the peak of the island.


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Vocal Cast[]

  • Heljä Heikkinen: The Blues, Stella, Terence
  • Lynne Guaglione: The Blues, Yucca
  • Antti L.J Pääkkönen: Bubbles, Red/Sword Spirit
  • Sari Mällinen: Bubbles, Dahlia
  • Antti Pääkkönen: King Pig, Corporal Pig, Chuck, Matilda
  • Paula Vesala: Gale, Maya
  • Saara Lehtonen: Luca, Yucca
  • Rinna Paatso: Poppy, Amore
  • Salla Hakkola: Minion Pigs, Maya
  • Annituuli Kasurinen: Willow, Amore
  • Jean Marie Viollet: Hal, Terence
  • Pasi Ruohonen: Bomb
  • Kim Helminen: Minion Pigs
  • Antti Kemppainen: Minion Pigs
  • Ida Koivisto: Minion Pigs
  • Eero Koivunen: Minion Pigs
  • Mika Niinimaa: Minion Pigs
  • Mikko Paju: Minion Pigs
  • Johanna Raman: Minion Pigs
  • Sami Timonen: Minion Pigs


  • This is the first appearance of Yucca and Amore.
  • This is the only animated series that has no Chef Pig, and Chet.