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Angry Birds Evil is a game for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. It is rated for people 10+ due to scariness and violence!


The birds are protecting their eggs, when suddenly, a portal opened and sucked the eggs that the birds were protecting. The birds get really angry, and launch themselves with the slingshot into the portal. The birds end up in an alternate dimension, where the birds are evil. The birds get out their slingshot and a whole army of pigs come. to be continued


  • Purple Bird
  • Grey Bird
  • Blizzard Bird
  • Brown Bird

more to be added



more to be added

Alternate Dimension Birds[]

  • Bird of Death
  • Bird of Shadows
  • Bird of Pollution
  • Bird of Blood

more to be added

Theme song[]


Ham'O'Ween - Angry Birds Seasons Music