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Angry Birds Experiments is a fanon game based on Angry Birds.


  • Red - No special ability.
  • The Blues - Splits into three when tapped.
  • Chuck - Speeds up when tapped.
  • Bomb - Explodes when tapped.
  • Matilda - Drops an egg bomb when tapped.
  • Terence - Mass and Momenum.
  • Bubbles - Inflates when apped
  • Stella - Traps objects in bubbles when tapped.
  • Hal - Makes a small tornado, throwing things away.


  • Small Minion Pig
  • Medium Minion Pig
  • Large Minion Pig
  • Corporal Pig
  • Foreman Pig
  • King Pig


  • Potion #1
  • Potion #2
  • Potion #3
  • Potion #4
  • Potion #5
  • Potion #6
  • Potion #7


Potion #1[]

Hal made experiments for his latest invntion when he heard an angry chirp. Hal continued on his invention, guessed that the pigs stole the eggs, which was quite correct.. Then the pigs accidentally switched on the secret entrance of his lab. Hal heard some noises and quickly hides, hoping that he won't be seen by some. Then the birds also comes to the secret entrance to bust the pigs inside.

Potion #2[]

Corporal Pig sends inside Professor Pig to find out who is the owner of the lab. Professor disagrees. Professor Pig saw some potion and quickly made potions.


Will they found out Hal's secret in this game? Found out soon! Coming Soon