Angry Birds Explorer is the game that can't play offline and can play in all internet form like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,Firefox,Safari,Opera,Android,Chroium. Each form will have diffeerent bonus episodes and bonus levels


Playable Birds

Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

Boomerang Bird

Big Brother Bird

Orange Bird

Bonus Birds

Bonus Birds is the purchasable bird that can fire the Super Kamehameha that can kill all pigs.When use these birds, no star will be reward but ranks will be reward.The ranks are X,S,A,B,C,D.These birds cost 0.99$


Poached Eggs

Mighty Hoax

Danger Above

The Big Setup

Summer Pignic

Hog and Kisses

Airfield Chase

Smuggler's Plane

Bonus Episodes

  • Explorer Dimension (For Internet Explorer)
  • Chrome Dimension (For Google Chrome)
  • Firefox Dimension (For Firefox)
  • Safari Dimension (For Safari)
  • Opera Dimension (For Opera)
  • Android Dimension (For Android)
  • Chroium Dimension (For Chroium)

Purchasable Birds Gallery

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